Texas Propecia LawyerThe link between Propecia (finasteride) and depression has been known for several years, and the label has warned of this side effect since 2010. Depression is a very serious illness that can be life-threatening if the person has suicidal thoughts. A recent study found that Propecia depression can be very severe. At least one young man, 22 year-old Kevin Malley, committed suicide after Propecia caused him to become impotent.


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Propecia (finasteride) is a medication developed by Merck & Co. that was approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in 1997. It treats male-pattern baldness (alopecia) by inhibiting 5-alpha-reductase, an enzyme that is necessary to convert the hormone testosterone into dihydrotestosterone (DHT). Propecia can inhibit 75% of DHT. Because DHT is extensively metabolized in the male brain, prostate, and other areas of the body, inhibiting DHT could have adverse effects on a man’s sexual, physical, and psychological health.

Depression is a reported side effect of Propecia, and warnings about depression have been on the label for Propecia since 2010. Experts do not fully understand how Propecia influences psychology. Some cases of Propecia induced depression may be indirectly caused by other side effects.

Studies of Propecia and Depression

This study of Propecia and depression was published in August 2012 by Dr. Michael Irwig, assistant professor at George Washington University. He recruited 61 men from an online forum who had already reported at least three months of persistent sexual dysfunction. The majority of the men had depressive symptoms — 11% had mild symptoms, 28% had moderate symptoms, and 36% had severe symptoms. Furthermore, 44% reported suicidal thoughts.

One of the first studies to link Propecia to depression was published in October 2006. Researchers studied 128 men who were using 1-mg doses of Propecia to treat male-pattern baldness. They found that Propecia increased the risk of depression, and they warned that doctors should be cautious about prescribing Propecia to men with a history of depression.

What is Depression?

Everyone feels sad occasionally. When a person struggles with depression, they have feelings of sadness, hopelessness, and worthlessness that persist for months or years. They also tend to lose interest in the people and activities that once gave them pleasure.

Propecia induced depression may be a sequelae of other Propecia side effects — severe sexual dysfunction or physical changes could adversely impact a man’s feelings of self worth and confidence. It may also be directly caused by Propecia influencing a man’s brain chemistry and hormonal system.

Symptoms of Depression

Not everyone who has depression has the same symptoms, because each individual is unique and there are many different types of depression. Many people who have Propecia-induced depression also report other cognitive changes that are associated with depression — including decreased sex drive, anxiety, inability to concentrate, memory loss, and more.

Symptoms of depression may include:

  • Feelings of sadness, unhappiness, hopelessness, worthlessness, guilt, or inadequacy
  • Becoming irritated or frustrated easily, sometimes over small matters
  • Lack of interest or pleasure from activities that were once pleasurable
  • Lack of interest in sex or pleasure from sexual intercourse
  • Changes in sleep patterns (too much or too little)
  • Changes in appetite (over-eating or under-eating)
  • Agitation, restlessness, pacing
  • Sudden aggressive outbursts
  • Slow thinking, speaking, or body movements
  • Decreased ability to remember dates, organize things, concentrate on a task, make a decision, or think clearly
  • Fatigue, lethargy
  • Thinking about death, dying, or suicide
  • Crying for no apparent reason, or over small matters
  • Physical symptoms — headache, backache

Propecia Side Effects

Do I have a Propecia Lawsuit?

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