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2014 Kia Forte Recalled for Fire Risk

January 26, 2015 -- Kia Motors has issued a recall for about 86,880 of the 2014 model-year Kia Forte due to a potential fire hazard under the hood. The problem has been traced to a cooling fan resistor in vehicles...

Highway Guardrail

ET-Plus Guardrail Safety Tests Come Under Scrutiny

The New York Times reports that two United States senators have expressed concern that safety tests of a potentially-defective guardrail are inadequate and should be more rigorous.

Highway Guardrail

Trinity Guardrail Safety Tests Resume in San Antonio, Texas

Safety tests involving a guardrail resumed yesterday in San Antonio, Texas, where a producer for local news KSAT observed the fourth out of eight tests.

Highway Guardrail

Missouri and Kansas Ban ET-Plus Guardrail Installations

Kansas and Missouri have joined about 40 other states in removing the ET-Plus from their list of approved highway guardrails.

Highway Guardrail

“Exit Gap” on Guardrails in Safety Tests Widened

The New York Times has found that the dimensions on half of the guardrails that are being crash-tested this week in Texas are different from most of the potentially defective guardrails installed on highways.

Highway Guardrail

ET-Plus Guardrail Tests Begin, Virginia Sues for Fraud

The New York Times reports that Virginia has filed a lawsuit against Trinity Industries for defrauding the state by failing to disclose potentially hazardous design changes to a highway guardrail.

Highway Guardrail

Media Not Allowed to Watch Guardrail Crash Tests in Texas

ABC13 News Now reports that Trinity Industries, the maker of the ET-Plus highway guardrail, will not allow members of the media to observe federally-mandated crash tests scheduled to begin later this month.

Highway Guardrail

ET-Plus Guardrail Crash-Tests to Begin in Texas Next Week

The Federal Highway Administration has quickly approved a plan for crash-testing the ET-Plus, a “shock-absorbing” end-terminal on guardrails.

Highway Guardrail

Trinity Avoids Guardrail Ban by Promising Safety Tests

Trinity Industries has narrowly avoided a federal ban after promising to conduct new safety tests.

Highway Guardrail

Bay Area Football Star’s Death Linked to ET-Plus Guardrail

ABC 7 News reports that a 24 year-old Bay Area football star’s death in a head-on collision with the end of a guardrail may have been caused by a defective highway guardrail end-terminal that was supposed to save his life.