Defense Department Publishes List of High-Risk SupplementsFebruary 10, 2015 — The Department of Defense (DOD) has published a list of over 130 “high-risk” bodybuilding supplements that could cause troops to test positive for drugs on urine tests.

The list is nearly identical to the U.S. Anti-Doping Agency’s high-risk supplement list and was developed in conjunction with the organization, according to Military Times.

The list includes 12 workout supplements that were pulled off base shelves in October 2014 because they contain DMBA (1,3-dimethylbutylamine), also marketed as AMP Citrate or 4-amino-2-methylpentane citrate.

Products that were found to contain DMBA include:

  • Contraband
  • Redline White Heat
  • Evol
  • MD2 Meltdown
  • OxyphenXR AMP’D
  • OxyTHERM Pro
  • Oxyfit Xtreme
  • Synetherm
  • AMPitropin
  • Decimate Amplified
  • AMPilean
  • Frenzy

Researchers warned that DMBA was closely related to DMAA, a banned stimulant that has been linked to cardiovascular side effects.

DMAA was an ingredient in Jack3D and OxyElite Pro. Back in 2011, the Defense Department pulled supplements containing DMAA out of exchanges due to concern about heart problems, liver and kidney failure, and other side effects. Soon afterward, the FDA cracked down on the ingredient.

The list also includes Jack3D Micro, a reformulated product that was introduced after Jack3D was banned because it contained DMAA.

The Defense Department also warns that Mayhem supplements were found to contain undeclared ingredients, including dexamethasone, a prescription corticosteroid similar to a natural hormone produced by the adrenal glands, and cyproheptadine, a prescription antihistamine.

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