Texas Yellow nEuphoria LawyerThe pre-workout supplement Yellow nEuphoria may contain a dangerous amphetamine-like stimulant drug called BMPEA, which has been linked to hemorrhagic strokes and other side effects.

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What is Yellow nEuphoria?

Yellow nEuphoria Gen 2 is a pre-workout supplement marketed as a “mild euphoric stimulant” by Controlled Labs of Englewood, New Jersey. It contains 800-mg of nEuphoria Complex™ and lists Acacia rigidula on the label.

What is the problem?

Extracts of Acacia rigidula in Yellow nEuphoria are marketed as “natural alkaloids” that stimulate the nervous system and “improve mood as rapidly as amphetamine.” In reality, they may be synthetic chemicals that have no botanical source and could cause false-positives on an amphetamine drug-tests.

Acacia Rigidula and BMPEA

Acacia rigidula is often listed on the label for supplements that contain β-Methylphenylethylamine (BMPEA), a beta-isomer of amphetamine. BMPEA is a drug that was synthesized in the 1930s as a potential replacement for amphetamine, but was abandoned when it was shown to increase blood pressure and heart rate in animal studies.

BMPEA Linked to Hemorrhagic Stroke

A healthy 53 year-old woman suffered a hemorrhagic stroke after taking BMPEA before exercising, according to a case report published online in the Annals of Internal Medicine on May 12.

Thirty minutes before working out, the woman took a 13-gram dose of a supplement called Jacked Power, made by MM Sports. Only 45 minutes into her workout, her arm went numb and she went to the hospital. Doctors found a 2-cm hemorrhage in her brain. Testing of Jacked Power discovered 290-mg of BMPEA. Click here to read more.

Is BMPEA Allowed in Supplements?

No. BMPEA is not an extract Acacia rigidula, vitamin, herb, mineral, or substance that meets the definition of “dietary supplement. It is a synthetic drug that is often advertised as “all-natural.” In April 2015, the FDA issued warnings to five companies selling eight supplements in which BMPEA was listed as an ingredient.

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