Amphetamine-Like Supplement BMPEA Linked to StrokeMay 13, 2015 — Just weeks after the FDA cracked down on the amphetamine-like drug BMPEA in supplements, the stimulant has been linked to a case report of a stroke.

The report, published in the Archives of Internal Medicine by Dr. Pieter A. Cohen, is the first to link β-Methylphenylethylamine (BMPEA) and life-threatening side effects.

The victim was an otherwise healthy 53 year-old Swedish woman who took a supplement called Jacked Power, made by MM Sports AB.

About 30 minutes before beginning her normal, vigorous exercise routine, the woman took a 13-gram dose, as recommended on the label. It was the first time she had ever used a workout supplement.

About 45 minutes after starting her workout, the woman’s left arm went numb. After she went to the hospital, her blood pressure was elevated and a CT scan of her brain showed a 2-cm hemorrhage. Further tests showed no other types of blood vessel abnormalities or inflammation. Fortunately, she survived the stroke and was released from the hospital five days later.

According to Forbes, chemical analysis of the supplement found that it contained 290-mg of BMPEA and 300-mg of caffeine. The amount of BMPEA was three times higher than the most potent BMPEA-laced supplement tested by researchers led by Dr. Pieter Cohen.

Earlier this year, his team identified 11 supplements that were marked as “all-natural” extracts of the Acacia rigidula plant, but actually contained BMPEA. On April 23, the FDA issued warning letters to five companies who were selling eight products that listed BMPEA on the label.

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