Roundup Lawyer TexasFebruary 17, 2017 — Lawyers for dozens of people with lymphoma from Roundup released a bombshell piece of evidence that Monsanto worked with the EPA to downplay cancer risks.

On February 10, lawyers filed a motion (PDF) to compel the testimony of an EPA official named Jess Rowland.

The evidence is a letter (PDF) written by Ms. Marion Copley, a 30-year career scientist at the EPA who left the agency in 2012 after she was diagnosed with cancer.

“I have cancer and I don’t want these serious issues … to go unaddressed before I go to my grave. I have done my duty.”

On March 4, 2013, Ms. Copley wrote a letter to Mr. Jess Rowland, an EPA official who worked closely with Monsanto as the agency reviewed glyphosate, the weed-killer in Roundup.

The letter was written 10 months before Ms. Copley died of cancer at the age of 66. It includes a 14-point list of ways Roundup could cause cancer — two years before the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) declared Roundup a “probable human carcinogen.”

Ms. Copley accused Mr. Rowland of playing “political conniving games with the science” to downplay risks, and intimidating EPA scientists to change their reports toxic chemicals to favor pesticide companies.

Mr. Rowland’s last action at the EPA was writing an 86-page report that concluded Roundup was “not likely” to cause cancer in humans.

The report was marked “FINAL” and it was “inadvertently” leaked online in 2016. Monsanto used the report as evidence of Roundup’s safety, although the EPA quickly pulled it off the website and said the review was ongoing. Mr. Rowland left the EPA a few days later.

The EPA also removed summaries from three meetings with Monsanto in 2015. Lawyers for Monsanto are currently fighting against the release of even more evidence of their interactions with the EPA.

List of 14 Ways Roundup Might Cause Cancer:

  1. Chelators inhibit apoptosis, the process by which our bodies kill tumor cells
  2. Chelators are endocrine disruptors, involved in tumorigenesis
  3. Glyphosate induces lymphocyte proliferation
  4. Glyphosate induces free radical formation
  5. Chelators inhibit free radical scavenging enzymes requiring Zn, Mn or Cu for activity (i.e. SODs)
  6. Chelators bind zinc, necessary for immune system function
  7. Glyphosate is genotoxic, a key cancer mechanism
  8. Chelators inhibit DNA repair enzymes requiring metal cofactors
  9. Chelators bind Ca, Zn, Mg, etc to make foods deficient for these essential nutrients
  10. Chelators bind calcium necessary for calcineurin-mediated immune response
  11. Chelators often damage the kidneys or pancreas, as glyphosate does, a mechanism to tumor formation
  12. Kidney / pancreas damage can lead to clinical chemistry changes to favor tumor growth
  13. Glyphosate kills bacteria in the gut and the gastrointestinal system is 80% of the immune system
  14. Chelators suppress the immune system making the body susceptible to tumors

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