Monsanto Banned from European ParliamentOctober 10, 2017 — Monsanto has been banned from the European parliament after refusing to attend a hearing into evidence that the company manipulated safety studies involving Roundup.

The decision could not come at a worse time for Monsanto. The European Commission is due to vote on whether to extend the license for Roundup (glyphosate) for another 10 years by the end of 2017.

Members of the European parliament (MEPs) were reportedly outraged when Monsanto refused to attend a hearing set up by the government’s agricultural and environmental committees.

The MEPs responded by using their power to ban Monsanto lobbyists from meeting with MEPs and attending committee meetings or parliamentary inquiries. It is the first time they have blocked a company from the European parliament for ignoring a summons.

Green party president Philippe Lamberts told The Guardian:

“Those who ignore the rules of democracy also lose their rights as a lobbyist in the European parliament … U.S. corporations must also accept the democratic control function of the parliament. Monsanto cannot escape this.”

The meeting was scheduled for October 11 to discuss evidence that Monsanto manipulated the conclusions of studies the European Commission relied on to determine the cancer risks of glyphosate.

The evidence of Monsanto’s manipulation was revealed in a trove of documents released by attorneys in the United States who are representing dozens of people who were diagnosed with non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma after using Roundup on farms or home gardens.

France has already stated that they will vote against the European Commission’s proposal to extend the license for another 10 years. France has already banned home-garden sales of Roundup and they will likely phase out the agricultural use of glyphosate by 2022.

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