FDA Cracks Down on AMP Citrate (DMBA) SupplementsApril 28, 2015 — The FDA has sent over a dozen warning letters to companies that sell bodybuilding supplements laced with a stimulant commonly called AMP Citrate or DMBA.

The ingredient has many names that appear on product labels, including 1,3-Dimethylbutylamine, DMBA, 2-amino-4-methylpentane, AMP citrate, 4-methyl-2-pentanamine.

DMBA was marketed as an alternative to DMAA, a popular stimulant found in OxyElite Pro that was linked to high blood pressure, increased heart rate, and a variety of other adverse events.

In October 2014, Dr. Pieter Cohen and colleagues at Harvard Medical School published a study after finding DMBA in 14 supplements. Researchers warned that DMBA was a “synthetic stimulant never tested in humans” and demanded immediate enforcement action by the FDA.

Nearly seven months later, fourteen manufacturers received warning letters for the following products that included DMBA:

  • 1ViZN LLC: Velocity
  • Vital Pharmaceuticals Inc. dba VPX Sports: VPX Redline White Heat, MD2 Meltdown
  • RPM Nutrition, LLC: Red Rum SS
  • Prime Nutrition: PWO/STIM
  • Powder City, LLC: AMP Citrate
  • Nutrex Research, Inc.: Adipodex
  • Lecheek Nutrition: AMPilean, AMPitropin
  • Iron Forged Nutrition: Contraband
  • Genomyx LLC: EVOL
  • DSEO LLC: HybriLean, PREAMP
  • Core Nutritionals: AMP Citrate
  • Brand New Energy, LLC: Yellow Bullet AMP
  • Blackstone Labs LLC: Angel Dust
  • Beta Labs: Oxyphen XR Amp’d

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