CDC Confirms 56 Liver Injuries from OxyElite Pro

November 8, 2013 — USA Today reports that the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) has confirmed that 56 liver injuries have been associated with OxyElite Pro since April 1, 2013. Of these, at least 43 cases were identified in Hawaii. The rest were reported in the mainland United States.

USPLabs has defended the safety of OxyElite Pro, saying that if it were really causing liver injuries, there should be more than 9,000 cases on the mainland based on the number of injuries in Hawaii.

However, the FDA has warned that evidence supports a “causal connection” between OxyElite Pro and liver damage. Many experts warn that liver injuries on the mainland could be under-reported.

USA Today talked to Sarah Park, Hawaii’s state epidemiologist, who said that Hawaii’s island population may have created unique circumstances that made it easier to identify cases that appear isolated on the mainland. For example, Hawaii has only one liver transplant center. The epidemic was identified after doctors treated five people who were previously healthy before taking OxyElite Pro.

Another unique advantage in Hawaii was the state’s rapid response to a suspected outbreak. It was relatively easy for epidemiologists to warn doctors to be on the lookout for liver injuries associated with OxyElite Pro and report them to the health department. As a result, shipments of OxyElite Pro into Hawaii were quickly embargoed and the product was taken off store shelves.

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