Category: Personal Injury

Texas FELA Railyard Injury Lawsuit

Are you a railyard worker who was injured on the job? If so, you may be entitled to financial compensation for your injury by filing a FELA lawsuit. The Federal Employer’s Liability Act (FELA) has protected the rights and health...

Railroad Workers

Texas Train & Railroad Accident Lawyer

Train and railroad accidents cause thousands of severe injuries and deaths every year. Injuries to railroad employees and the general public may be caused by negligent railroad companies failing to protect people from safety risks.

Texas Window Blind Strangulation Lawsuit

Consumer advocacy groups are growing increasingly angry at the actions of window blind manufacturers, who they claim are not making window blinds safer. More than 200 children have strangled to death on window blind cords in the last twenty years,...

$1.5 Million Award in Table Saw Injury Lawsuit

In March 2010, Carlos Osorio was awarded $1.5 million in damages in a table saw lawsuit, for hand injuries caused by a Ryobi table saw. The jury found the manufacturers liable for Osorio’s injuries because they neglected to include a...

Texas ShoulderFlex Massager Injury Lawyer

The ShoulderFlex Massager, a device used for in-home deep tissue neck and back massage, has been recalled after causing one death and one near strangulation. The rotating massaging “fingers” may catch jewelry, clothing, or hair, and cause serious injury. The...

Food Poisoning

Texas Cantaloupe Food Poisoning Lawyer

Cantaloupe was recalled due to the possible risk of food poisoning.

Texas Personal Injury Lawyer

Texas Personal Injury Lawyer

In Texas, the term ‘personal injury’ is a field of law involving injuries due to the negligence of another individual or company. ‘Tort law’ is another term that covers liability of a wrongdoer to person, which can involve negligence and...