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Oil & Gas Pipeline Explosion Lawsuit

Donations Pour in for West, Texas Fertilizer Plant Explosion

International and local organizations are coordinating a wave of assistance and raising donations for the victims of the fertilizer plant explosion in West, Texas last week that killed 15 people and injured hundreds.

Oil & Gas Pipeline Explosion Lawsuit

Lawsuits Filed in West Fertilizer Company Explosion in Texas

Reuters is reporting that a single mother and four insurance companies have filed lawsuits against Adair Grain and Donald Adair, the owner of West Fertilizer Company, for last week's fertilizer plant explosion in West, Texas.

Oil & Gas Pipeline Explosion Lawsuit

Locals and Lawmakers Talk Safety After Texas Plant Explosion

The West, Texas, fertilizer plant explosion that killed 14 people last week has led many people to ask why homes, churches, schools, a nursing home, and businesses were allowed to be built so close to a storage facility containing up...

Oil & Gas Pipeline Explosion Lawsuit

Residents of West, Texas Band Together After Explosion

When Gov. Rick Perry visited the site, he said, “No doubt, there is a lot of work that lies ahead and the road to recovery is long. But this community will come together, this community will mourn and this community...

Oil & Gas Pipeline Explosion Lawsuit

West, Texas Fertilizer Plant Explosion Lawyer

On Wednesday, April 17, in the small town of West, Texas, a fertilizer plant containing ammonium nitrate exploded and destroyed everything in a 5-block radius.

$10M Lawsuit Filed for Paulsboro Train Derailment Chemical Spill

December 10, 2012 -- A mother from Paulsboro, New Jersey has filed a lawsuit against Conrail, Norfolk Southern Railway Company, and CSX Transportation after a train derailment spilled the toxic chemical vinyl chloride into the air and water. Hundreds of...

Repeat Mild Head Injury Linked to Brain Disease in Athletes

December 4, 2012 -- A new study published in the scientific journal Brain has linked repeated traumatic brain injuries to an increased risk of long-term cognitive impairment. The study involved 85 people who donated their brains to research, including 33...

Texas Bed Rail Injury Lawyer

In most cases, the use of bed rails adds safety by preventing patients from falling out of bed. Although bed rails may be appropriate in many situations, in some cases, they may endanger patients -- especially those who are older,...

CSX Train Derailment Kills 2 Young Women

August 22, 2012 -- Yesterday just after midnight, a CSX train carrying thousands of tons of coal derailed and killed two young women who were hanging out on a walkway next to the tracks. The accident occurred in Ellicott City,...

Texas Cruise Ship Injury Lawyer

Cruise ships are generally safe -- major disasters and serious injuries are rare. Unfortunately, accidents and injuries do happen, and sometimes the cruise ship company is responsible for the injury. People may be injured by assaults, robbery, rape, outbreaks of...