Zimmer Accused of Misleading Doctors on Hip Implant SafetyAugust 14, 2015 — Zimmer Holdings Inc. has been ordered to pay $9.2 million to a man who required two major surgeries within 15 months and was left with chronic pain after receiving a defective Durom Cup hip implant.

Beginning in 2006, Zimmer allegedly misled American surgeons into believing that the Durom Cup was as safe as another version introduced seven years earlier in Europe, according to Jury Verdict Alert.

In reality, lawyers said Zimmer changed the plasma coating on the Durom Cup but never tested it for effectiveness. According to the complaint:

“Zimmer rushed the product to market to catch up with its competitors who already had similar products on the U.S. market, all while hiding the fact that the American Durom Cup was not the same as its European counterpart.”

The plaintiff in the lawsuit, Gary Kline, underwent a total hip replacement in 2007 due to severe osteoarthritis in his right hip. After being implanted with the Durom Cup, his pain progressively worsened. By September 2008, he was almost entirely incapacitated by hip and groin pain — a symptom of hip implant failure.

Doctors discovered that he had no bone ingrowth into the Durom Cup implant. As a result, he continued to experience hip and leg pain and had to have another surgery to replace the implant.

Kline continues to experience stabbing pains that are so severe he cannot move his leg. After two surgeries, he now has so much scar tissue, muscle damage, and nerve damage that he will likely suffer from permanent decreased mobility.

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