Wrongful Death Lawsuit Claims Talcum Powder Caused CancerNovember 19, 2014 — The New Jersey Law Journal reports that a wrongful death lawsuit has been filed on behalf of a woman who was diagnosed with ovarian cancer after using talcum powder.

The lawsuit was filed in federal court in New Jersey by the husband of Janice Chakalos. He accuses Johnson & Johnson, Sanofi, and other talcum powder manufacturers of failing to adequately warn about the risk of ovarian cancer.

Ms. Chakalos used Johnson’s Baby Powder, Shower-to-Shower, and GoldBond Powder to dust her perineum for feminine hygiene purposes from her childhood until approximately 2011, believing they were safe. This belief was based on marketing claims that the odor-eliminating powder could be used safely all over the body.

In fact, dozens of studies published since the 1982 have found evidence that talcum powder in the genital area can migrate into the vagina, fallopian tubes, and enter the ovaries. Until the 1970s, many talcum products contained asbestos, a known carcinogen.

In November 2010, Ms. Chakalos was diagnosed with ovarian cancer at the age of 63. She had no risk-factors for ovarian cancer. After entering hospice care, she passed away in November 2012.

Johnson & Johnson is facing a growing number of similar lawsuits. Last October, a jury in South Dakota found that Johnson & Johnson failed to adequately warn about the risk of ovarian cancer. The lawsuit was filed by a 56 year-old woman who used Shower-to-Shower for decades before developing ovarian cancer.

Earlier this year, a class action lawsuit was filed in Missouri. Members of the litigation want Johnson & Johnson to place a warning label about ovarian cancer on products containing talcum powder.

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