Texas Viptera Corn Seed LawyerIn 2014, corn farmers nationwide suffered devastating economic losses when China banned imports of genetically-modified (GMO) corn. The problem is that Viptera MIR162, a genetically modified corn seed made by Syngenta AG, contaminated much of the corn supply in the United States.

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UPDATE: $218 Million Awarded to Kansas Corn Farmers

June 2017 — A federal jury in Kansas has awarded $218 million to over 7,000 corn farmers and exporters who lost money after Syngenta AG released the genetically-modified (GMO) corn seed called “Viptera MIR162” before it was approved in China. Click here to read more.

Syngenta GMO Corn Lawsuits

GMO corn class action lawsuits involve thousands of corn farmers in states like Ohio and Texas, as well as grain-shipping companies and major exporters like Cargill and Archer Daniels Midland. Corn farmers from different states have filed at least 20 class actions against Syngenta.

These lawsuits have been centralized into a federal Multi-District Litigation (MDL No. 2591) in the U.S. District Court for the District of Kansas. All of the lawsuits accuse Syngenta of destroying American corn exports by selling Viptera MIR162 before it was approved in China.


In 2009, the Swiss company Syngenta AG used genetic engineering to create an insect-resistant breed of corn, known as MIR162. It is marketed as Agrisure Viptera MIR162 and Agrisure Duracade. They are resistant to pests such as corn borers, black cutworm, and corn rootworm.

What is the problem?

The United States allows genetically modified organisms (GMO) corn seeds, but they are banned for export into China. Viptera was only planted on about 3% of American corn acres in 2012 and 2013, but the seed has contaminated much of the corn supply, due to cross-pollination and co-mingling of corn grown by different farmers during processing, storage, distribution, and transportation.

$5.77 Billion in Economic Losses for U.S. Corn

Until recently, China was the third-largest customers for American corn seed exporters. However, since November 2013, China has rejected nearly all imports, barring nearly 1.45 million tons of corn shipments because trace amounts of genetically modified corn can be found throughout the supply. This has resulted in over $1 billion in losses for farmers in the United States.

GMO Corn Class Action Lawsuits

China approved imports of Viptera MIR162 in December 2014, allowing lawyers for corn farmers to begin settlement negotiations for economic losses. Since then, thousands of angry farmers have filed lawsuits against Syngenta or joined class actions.

Lawsuits accuse Syngenta of aggressively and recklessly marketing Viptera by misleading corn farmers, grain elevator operators, exporters, and the rest of the industry about the regulatory approval of Viptera in the Chinese market.

Lawsuits also claim Syngenta recklessly encouraged farmers to plant the genetically modified corn side-by-side with other corn seed products, which increases the risk of cross-contamination.

Coordinated lawsuits have been filed in at least a dozen states, including federal courts in Iowa, Illinois, Nebraska, Kansas, and Missouri. The plaintiffs are mostly farmers who did not plant seed containing Viptera but could not sell their products due to cross-contamination.

Syngenta Hit With Lawsuits from Cargill and Trans Coastal

Reuters reports that Trans Coastal Supply Co., a major exporter of livestock feed, has filed a lawsuit alleging that they expect to lost $41 million because Syngenta marketed Viptera to American farmers without first obtaining import approval from China. Another lawsuit filed by Cargill, Inc., alleges that they expect to lose $90 million.

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