Texas TIVAD Implanted Port LawyerTIVAD Ports, also called Totally Implanted Ports or Port-a-Caths, can cause life-threatening injuries when the catheter leaks, breaks, become infected, or causes other problems.

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Totally Implanted Port Lawsuit Claims it Leaks Medication

The family of a cancer patient who was injured when his Vortex Implanted Port leaked medication has filed a lawsuit against the manufacturers, AngioDynamics and Navilyst.

Who Filed the Lawsuit?

The patient, Jesus L. III, was a man from Texas who died in May 2021. As part of his treatment, doctors at Texas Children’s Hospital in Houston implanted an AngioDynamics Vortex Port in June 2019.

Only two week later, he needed another surgery to remove the port after doctors discovered that it broke and was leaking chemotherapy medications into his body.

Lawsuit Clams Vortex Port is Prone to Leaking

The lawsuit claims that the Vortex Port has several design flaws that make it prone to leaking. For example, a defect in the locking mechanism between the port and the catheter can lead to leaks.

“The Vortex has an increased risk that the catheter will separate from the injection port, causing medication and administered fluids to leak into the tissue of the port implantation site,” according to the lawsuit.

Lawyers also claim that catheter contains barium sulfate mixed with silicone. The problem is that barium sulfate can reduce the strength of silicone over time, which can cause it to break or leak medications.

Reports of Vortex Port Catheter Fractures & Breaks

The lawsuit alleges that AngioDynamics received reports of the Vortex Port fracturing and breaking after it was implanted. In some cases, the broken pieces migrated in the patient’s body to their heart and lungs.

Despite the risk of deadly injuries, AngioDynamics is accused of failing to design a safe way to remove the port. “in the event of a failure, injury, or complications, it is difficult to safely remove the Vortex.”

Severe Risks of Vortex Ports

Some of the most serious injuries linked to the Vortex Port include:

  • Leaking medications under the skin around the port
  • Catheter fractures
  • Catheter perforating internal veins
  • Hemorrhage (internal bleeding)
  • Serious heart problems
  • Severe and persistent pain
  • Death

What is a TIVAD?

Totally Implanted Venous-Access Devices (TIVAD) are implantable ports that deliver intravenous (I.V.) medications or fluids. They are also sometimes called a “Totally Implanted Port” or a Port-a-Cath.

Why Do Doctors Use Totally Implanted Ports?

Implantable ports are growing in popularity for patients who need long-term or repeated intravenous access, especially cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy. They are also popular for patients who need repeated blood samples, parenteral nutrition, blood transfusions, other IV medications, or routine infusions in veins that are hard to access.

Advantages of Having a Totally Implanted Port

There are many advantages to having a totally implanted port instead of a traditional port. Here are a few examples:

  • TIVADs do not require frequent dressings and medical care.
  • They can deliver medications into larger veins, which is helpful for chemotherapy drugs that can cause irritation and pain in smaller veins.
  • TIVADs are completely under the skin, so they are invisible and less likely to be accidentally damaged.
  • Patients with TIVADs can even go swimming if they want to exercise.

How Does a TIVAD Work?

Patients with a TIVAD have a silicone injection port that is implanted just under the skin on their arm or chest. The port is connected to a long tube called a catheter that sits inside a big vein. The doctor or nurse inserts a needle through the patient’s skin into the port, and injects medication through the catheter directly into the bloodstream.

Examples of Totally Implanted Ports

  • BioFlo Port by Angioflow
  • Vortex Port by Angioflow
  • Power Port by Bard
  • Navilyst / Angiodynamics
  • Medcomp
  • Dignity Low Profile CT Ports
  • Duo Power Port by Bard
  • Palpation Points (discontinued at Massachusetts General Hospital due to high incidence of erosion)

Cook Medical Recalls Vital-Port for Leaks and Embolizations

In March 2018, Cook Medical issued a Class II recall for about 31,000 Vital-Port Vascular Access Systems because they could leak medications.

The risk was that a needle provided with the Vital-Port could cut out a piece of silicone during the implantation procedure, according to an Urgent Medical Device Recall.

The silicone could “embolize into the patient’s bloodstream. In addition, medications may leak from the port, resulting in inadequate delivery of the medication and potential injury to the surrounding tissues,” the recall warns.

Bard Port Port Duo Recalled for Risk of Catheter Fractures

In March 2021, Bard Peripheral Vascular Inc. issued a Class II recall for Power Port Duo M.R.I. Implantable Ports because the catheter can break. The recall warns: “Catheters may experience difficulty in flushing, infusion, and/or aspiration, and septum dislodgements.”

Problems Linked to TIVAD Ports

  • Pain
  • Breakage of the device
  • Catheter fracture
  • Leaking medications or fluids in the body
  • Infection
  • Sepsis (bloodstream infection)
  • Erosion of the port through the skin
  • Internal bleeding
  • Cardiac / pericardial tamponade (pressure around the heart due to leaking fluid)
  • Irregular heart rhythm
  • Necrosis (tissue death due to lack of blood-flow)
  • Perforation of tissue or blood vessels
  • Organ damage
  • Wound splitting apart or bursting open
  • Need for surgery to remove TIVAD port
  • Death

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Collen A. Clark is a true advocate for his clients and is passionate about helping Texans that have been injured or wronged.

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Collen A. Clark is a true advocate for his clients and is passionate about helping Texans that have been injured or wronged.

“Collen’s amazing success in the courtroom and well known dedication to his clients has earned him the recognition of his peers as one of The Top Trial Lawyers in Texas.”

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