Texas Lawyer for Soy Nut Butter E. Coli Food PoisoningLawsuits have already been filed against I.M. Healthy SoyNut Butter Co., but not as part of a class action. Instead, they are individual lawsuits for people who developed E. coli food poisoning.

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SoyNut Butter Maker Shut Down by FDA

Dixie Dew Products Inc., the company that makes SoyNut Butter, was shut down by the FDA after inspectors observed a long list of food safety violations. Those violations included moldy vats of SoyNut Butter, a serious fly infestation, water dripping from a hole in the ceiling into food equipment, no hot water or soap for hand-washing, and other problems.

SoyNut Butter E. Coli Outbreak

In March 2017, all varieties of SoyNut Butter and granola were recalled due to a risk of food poisoning with Shiga-toxin producing E. coli O157:H7.

SoyNut Butter was sold individually at stores and in bulk sizes (4-lb tubs) for daycares and schools. The products include 15-oz plastic jars of SoyNut Butter, single-serve cups, and I.M. Healthy Granola.

The company also recalled all types of Dixie Diner’s Club brand of “Carb Not Beanit Butter.” The product was only sold online and it was marketed toward people with peanut allergies.

E. Coli Food Poisoning Outbreak

Pro Sports Line, a customer of the SoyNut Butter Company also recalled 36,000 20/20 Life Styles Yogurt Peanut Crunch Protein Bars on March 24 due to possible risk of E. coli. No illnesses were reported.Protein Bar E. Coli Recall

How Many People Got Sick?

As of March 30, 2017, the CDC has reported 29 illnesses in 12 states: Arizona (4), California (5), Florida (1), Illinois (1), Massachusetts (1), Maryland (1), Missouri (1), New Jersey (1), Oregon (9), Virginia (2), Washington (2), and Wisconsin (1).

E. Coli Outbreak Information

The earliest illness started on January 4 and the most recent was March 13, 2017. Over 80% of the victims are children under 18 years old (24 out of 29 victims). Out of 12 people who were hospitalized, 9 developed Hemolytic Uremic Syndrome (HUS). No one has died. At least 4 victims were at one Montessori of Alameda School in Northeast Portland, Oregon.

SoyNut Butter LawsuitSoyNut Granola E. Coli Recall

The parents of an 8 year-old boy from California who was hospitalized for nearly a month due to E. coli has filed the first lawsuit (PDF) against I.M. Healthy SoyNut Butter Co.

The lawsuit was filed by Erin and Mosby Simmons, parents of “T.S.,” a boy who routinely ate SoyNut Butter before falling ill on January 25, 2017. He was hospitalized a few days later and diagnosed with E. coli. Unfortunately, his condition continued to worsen.

He developed Hemolytic Uremic Syndrome (HUS), a serious type of kidney failure. It occurs when the kidneys are clogged by red blood cells that were damaged by toxins in the E. coli bacteria.

The boy was transferred from a hospital in San Jose to another hospital in Palo Alto on February 2, where he received dialysis and blood transfusions. He was sent home on February 23, but continues to face “uncertain future medical complications.”

What is the problem?

The Clark Firm, LLP is nationally recognized as a class action law firm in Texas, but we are not filing a SoyNut Butter class action lawsuit. Instead, we are filing individual lawsuits for adults and children who were infected with E. coli or developed food poisoning.

About Class Actions

Class actions are useful when a lot of people have similar legal complaints. They are especially popular when each person is eligible for a relatively small payout. For example, thousands of people join class actions to get refunds for purchasing a defective product.

Why Our Law Firm is Filing Individual Lawsuits as Opposed to a Class Action

Class actions improve efficiency, but they are not designed to maximize compensation for individuals who suffered far more serious injuries. Another problem is that everyone in the class action must share the payout if compensation is awarded.

Class actions are rarely filed for food poisoning victims in multiple states. Instead, lawyers file individual lawsuits to focus on helping people who were infected with E. coli seek compensation for their illness, medical bills, permanent kidney injuries, and more.

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