Texas Yaz LawsuitOcella has been linked to an increased risk of blood clots and strokes, even among women with no history of blood clots, stroke, or other risk factors. When a stroke occurs, a blood clot clogs a blood vessel in the brain and causes brain cells to die within minutes. This can initiate a cascade of events that cause severe brain damage.

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Ocella is a birth control pill, a generic version of Yasmin birth control pills. Both medications contain 3-mg of drospirenone, a controversial new “fourth generation” synthetic progestin that was first used in Yasmin in 2001. The biggest differences between Yasmin and Ocella is that they are sold by different companies. Ocella is sold by two major generic pharmaceutical companies, Teva Pharmaceuticals and Barr Laboratories. Ocella is equally effective as Yasmin, but it is usually significantly cheaper. Both medications have the same risk of side effects, including stroke.

Ocella and Stroke

According to the FDA, women who take Ocella may be up to three times more likely to develop a blood clot. The agency recently announced that the label on Ocella would be updated to include the new safety information.

When an Ocella blood clot forms, it is a sticky, semi-solid coagulation of red blood platelets. Blood clots are designed to clog blood vessels after an injury. However, women who take Ocella have a higher risk of developing spontaneous blood clots when there is no injury. These blood clots can form on the walls of deep veins or arteries, which bring blood to the organs.

If a blood clot travels in the bloodstream and makes it into a major internal organ, it can clog a blood vessel supplying oxygenated blood to this organ. When this occurs in the brain, it is called an ischemic stroke. Brain cells deprived of oxygen start dying within minutes. If circulation is not restored immediately, dying parts of the brain can initiate the ischemic cascade. This is a chain-reaction initiated by damaged parts of the brain, resulting in swelling, inflammation, and severe damage to otherwise healthy brain tissue.

An Ocella stroke can easily cause severe brain damage. Damaged brain tissue cannot be repaired or replaced. A person who suffers a stroke may have permanent intellectual disabilities, physical disabilities, or become comatose. In some cases, an Ocella stroke can be fatal.

Symptoms of an Ocella Stroke

Several massive studies have estimated that approximately 10 women out of 10,000 who are taking Ocella or another drospirenone-containing birth control pill will develop a blood clot. This is slightly higher than the 4-6 women per 10,000 taking other progestins. However, nearly all birth control pills increase a woman’s risk of a blood clot and strokes. Women who are over 35 years old who smoke have the greatest risk. Blood clots tend to occur during the first year that a woman is taking birth control.

When a stroke occurs, early treatment is essential. A doctor must administer a strong medication to dissolve the blood clot and restore blood to the brain. Without early treatment, a stroke can cause severe disability or death.

It is a good idea to be familiar with the symptoms of an Ocella stroke, which may include:

  • Headache: Usually, the headache is sudden and extremely painful. Sometimes, the headache may gradually grow worse over several hours or days. If the person is asleep, the headache may be severe enough to wake them from sleep.
  • Changes in consciousness: The person may feel dizzy, weak, tired, or faint. They may black out or go comatose.
  • Cognitive changes: The person may suddenly lose memory, become confused, unable to talk or understand speech, unable to read or write
  • Sudden muscle weakness: Usually located just on one side of the body. Muscles in the face may droop. The arms or legs may be very weak.
  • Tingling, numbness: Usually localized on one side of the body, may be in the arms or legs
  • Changes in motor coordination: The person may suddenly lose balance, be unable to walk, swallow, speak, or write.

Do I have an Ocella Lawsuit?

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