Hernia Plug Lawsuit Filed in TexasApril 11, 2017 — A lawsuit has been filed by a man from Texas who was seriously injured by defective Bard Perfix and Ethicon Proceed hernia plugs.

The Lawsuit (PDF) was filed by Matthew Ochoa, a 32 year-old resident of Harris, County Texas. He developed a hernia after lifting the top off an electrical box while working at a job site in March 2015.

The pain from his hernia progressively worsened over the next few days, until he went to a doctor who told him to go to the hospital immediately. He was diagnosed with an inguinal hernia in his groin.

Mr. Ochoa was told he would require emergency surgery. On March 10, 2015, he was implanted with a C.R. Bard Perfix Light Mesh Plug. The following morning, he awoke at 2 a.m. in excruciating pain.

After continuing to seek medical treatment, doctors began to believe that the hernia mesh was in his groin. They ordered a CAT scan, which was incompatible with polypropylene hernia mesh. He developed a rash all over his stomach, chest, neck, and eventually spread to his face.

In May 2015, his hernia ruptured due to a sneezing fit. Doctors discovered that the Bard Perfix Plug was no longer attached to his muscles and it was folded in on itself. He required emergency surgery. According to the complaint:

“During the operation, Dr. Shin found that the original mesh had been tangled with the nerves and 2% of the mesh concreted onto Matthew’s spermatic cord, which he was unable to remove. … The operation took 25% longer than anticipated due to the complications that arose from the entanglement.”

The Bard Perfix was removed and his rash disappeared, which suggests he was suffering from an allergic reaction.

Unfortunately, new complications developed when he was implanted with an Ethicon Proceed hernia plug. He experienced swollen testicles, pain, balance issues, and rashes.

He filed a lawsuit on March 8, 2017 accusing C.R. Bard and Ethicon Inc. (Johnson & Johnson) of failing to warn about side effects, selling defective medical devices, and inadequately testing them for safety.

The lawsuit was filed in the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of Texas (Houston) — In RE: Matthew Ochoa v. C.R. Bard, et al.Case No: 4:17-cv-00756.

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