Kombiglyze LawyerKombiglyze XR is a diabetes drug that has been linked to severe side effects such as pancreatitis, pancreatic cancer, heart failure, rhabdomyolysis, and more.

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Kombiglyze Side Effects

FDA Evaluating Rhabdomyolysis Risk

The FDA is evaluating a potential signals of a serious risk and new safety information linking DPP4 diabetes drugs and rhabdomyolysis. This potentially life-threatening kidney side effect was identified by the FDA Adverse Event Reporting System (FAERS) between April and June 2017.

Study Links Kombiglyze and 27% Increased Risk of Heart Failure

February 11, 2014 — The FDA has published a Safety Communication and launched an investigation after the New England Journal of Medicine publishes a study linking Kombiglyze and a 27% increased risk of hospitalization for heart failure. Click here to read more.

What is Kombiglyze?

Kombiglyze XR is a new drug for treating type-2 diabetes that combines two drugs: saxagliptin and metformin. The saxagliptin in Kombiglyze was approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in 2009, and Kombiglyze XR was approved in 2010. Drug companies Bristol-Myers Squibb and AstraZeneca jointly manufacture and market Kombiglyze in the United States.

How Does Kombiglyze Work?

Kombiglyze is used along with diet and exercise to help improve blood-sugar control in diabetic patients when metformin alone is not effective. It is a type of drug called an “incretin mimetic” which works by mimicking metabolic hormones (incretins) in a patient’s body. It increases a hormone called GLP-1, which stimulates the pancreas to secrete more insulin. Insulin is a hormone that tells cells to absorb more sugar from the blood, which lowers blood-sugar levels.

Kombiglyze and Cancer

It is unknown whether Kombiglyze causes cancer. The problem is that Kombiglyze has only been on the market since 2010, cancer takes a long time to develop, and studies only become statistically significant after a lot of people take a new drug and get sick. There is always a risk of unanticipated side effects when new drugs are introduced to the market.

FDA Safety Warning

In March 2013, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) announced that they were investigating a potential risk of Kombiglyze and cancer in this Safety Communication. Researchers had examined the pancreases of deceased diabetic patients who had been taking drugs in the incretin mimetic class, and they found “increased risk of pancreatitis, or inflammation of the pancreas, and pre-cancerous cellular changes called pancreatic duct metaplasia.”

Kombiglyze and Pancreatic Cancer

The active drugs in Kombiglyze specifically target cells in the pancreas, which may increase the risk of pancreatitis (inflammation in the pancreas) in some patients. Acute pancreatitis can be life-threatening, and chronic pancreatitis is a major risk-factor for developing pancreatic cancer. Unfortunately, in studies of animals given incretin mimetic drugs like Kombiglyze, researchers found evidence of low-level chronic pancreatitis. This could lead to an increased risk of pancreatic cancer due to increased cell turnover and potential DNA mutations.

Kombiglyze Class Action

The Clark Firm, LLP is nationally recognized as a class action law firm in Texas. However, at this time our attorneys are not filing a Kombiglyze class action. Instead, we are filing individual lawsuits for people who were injured by Kombiglyze.

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