Texas IKEA Recall LawyerIKEA recalled 29 million MALM dressers and chests after 8 children died and nearly 150 other children were seriously injured in tip-over incidents when they climbed on the unstable furniture.

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IKEA Pays $50 Million Settlement

IKEA agreed to pay a $50 million settlement to the families of 3 boys who died when they climbed on MALM dressers that tipped over and crushed them to death. In December 2016, IKEA also voluntarily decided to re-design the dressers to withstand the weight of a child.

IKEA Dresser Tip-Over Deaths

The problem is that IKEA furniture is lightweight and unstable. When a child pulls the drawers out of the dresser and climbs on it, the dresser can tip over and crush the child if the dresser is not bolted to the wall. Another risk is that heavy objects on top of the dresser, such as TVs or lamps, can fall and hit the child, causing severe injury or death.

IKEA Re-Announces Recall

After an 8th child died in a tip-over incident involving MALM furniture, IKEA decided to re-announced the recall in November 2017. IKEA also reported 91 injuries involving MALM dressers and 26 injuries involving other types of IKEA dressers or chests.

IKEA Recall

The following IKEA Malm dressers and chests were recalled:

NamesSold DatesMeasurements
MALM 310/2002 to 6/201631½” x 18⅞” x 30¾”
MALM 46/2002 to 6/201631½” x 18⅞” x 39½”
MALM 510/2002 to 4/2006157/8” x 19” x 481/4
MALM 66/2002 to 6/201631½” x 18⅞” x 48⅜”
MALM 6 LONG11/2002 to 6/201663” x 18⅞” x 30¾”
MALM 64/2006 to 6/2016153/4” x 191/8” x 483/8

IKEA also recalled millions of non-MALM dressers and chests. For a complete list of the recalled furniture, visit www.IKEA-USA.com or IKEA’s website at http://www.ikea.com/ms/en_US/ikea-chest-and-dresser-recall/index.html

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Collen A. Clark is a true advocate for his clients and is passionate about helping Texans that have been injured or wronged.

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