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The Fisher-Price Ocean Wonders Soothe & Glow Seahorse, a toy for infants, can overheat and potentially catch on fire when the batteries are changed. There are dozens of reports dating back to February 2012, but no recall from Fisher-Price.

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What is the Fisher-Price Seahorse?

Fisher-Price, one of the largest toy-makers in America, manufactures the Ocean Wonders Soothe & Glow Seahorse, a popular gift that is means to be placed in a child’s crib to help them sleep. When cuddled, the seahorse belly glows and plays over 5 minutes of music and ocean sounds. After five minutes, the sounds and glowing gently fade so as not to disturb the infant.

What is the problem?

Dozens of people have reported that the Fisher-Price Seahorse overheated, smoked, melted plastic, or nearly caught on fire within 30 seconds of changing the batteries — even when the product is not turned on. The coils get red-hot and melt plastic, which could potentially expose an infant to toxic fumes and/or set something on fire in the baby’s crib.

Where is the Recall?

Despite numerous complaints, Fisher-Price has insisted that the product is safe and they have not issued a recall. Instead, they may have quietly modified the design. Investigators with CALL7, the news agency that broke the story, found that the problem appears to be limited to models with three batteries — newer models have two batteries and do not seem to catch on fire when the batteries are changed. Fisher-Price has not acknowledged any design changes and they have no plans to issue a recall.

Dozens of Complaints Date Back to 2012

One of the first complaints about the defective Fisher-Price Seahorse was reported to the CPSC in November 2012:

“After new batteries were inserted as directed, the lead wire got red hot and melted the plastic. This is a fire hazard and could have seriously injured my child, who typically sleeps with it in his crib. Please take immediate action so no children are hurt!”

Parent complaint on Amazon.com dated November 2012:

“I put new batteries in, and WITHOUT EVEN TURNING THE TOY BACK ON a coil behind one of the batteries started glowing and my kitchen was filled with smoke!! I immediately removed the batteries to see where the plastic all around the coil is blackened from being burnt, the coil is black and the toy is toasted.”

Parent complaint to CPSC from January 2013:

“The product was NOT turned on, it was off. Once I placed the last battery in (it takes 3 AA), I smelled something burning and noticed right away, less than 10 seconds after putting the last battery in, that one of the coils to the battery compartment turned bright red and started smoking.”

Parent complaint to CPSC from October 2013:

“Our nine month old daughter was at a safe distance and nobody was hurt, but if he hadn’t tested it before we turned it on for her in her crib at night like we usually do, there’s a high chance she would have been seriously hurt or killed and I just don’t want that to happen to anyone’s child. I thought Fisher Price was a brand we could trust!”

Here is a YouTube video of the problem:

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