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Texas ET-Plus Guardrail Class Action LawyerHead-on crashes with guardrail end-terminals can be deadly. In recent years, more than a dozen lawsuits have been filed on behalf of people who were injured or killed when a defective guardrail sliced through their car.

Need a Texas Guardrail Class Action Lawyer? Collen A. Clark is a true advocate for his clients and is passionate about helping Texans that have been injured or wronged. If you or a loved one was injured in a head-on crash with a defective guardrail, you should contact our lawyers immediately. You may be entitled to compensation by filing a lawsuit in Texas.


The ET-Plus guardrail end-terminal, manufactured by Trinity Industries, is supposed to absorb the impact of an oncoming car, flatten the guardrail, feed it through a chute, and deflect it harmlessly away from the oncoming car.

Whistleblower Lawsuit Claims ET-Plus Highway Guardrail is Defective

Instead, lawsuits allege that Trinity re-designed the ET-Plus in 2005 without telling the federal government. According to a whistleblower lawsuit filed in 2012, the dimensions of the feeder chute were reduced, which saves about $2 in materials and makes the terminals impossible to reuse.

Lawsuits also claim the re-designed terminal is defective because it is more likely to lock up instead of deflecting the guardrail. This may result in the guardrail acting like a spear that slices through oncoming cars and impales passengers, causing horrific injuries and deaths.

Jury Finds Trinity Liable for Fraud, May Pay Up to $1 Billion

October 2014 — A federal jury in Texas has found Trinity liable for defrauding the government by failing to disclose design changes on the ET-Plus. According to Bloomberg, the company could be on the hook for up to $1 billion in damages. Click here to read more.

What is the problem?

The Clark Firm, LLP is nationally recognized as a class action law firm. However, our attorneys are not filing a guardrail class action against Trinity Industries. Instead, we are filing individual lawsuits and focusing on helping people with the most serious injuries.

About Class Actions

When most people think about filing a lawsuit against a major corporation, they think of class actions. Unfortunately, members of class actions are often forced into “low-ball” settlements with high attorneys’ fees. Our attorneys work on contingency-fee, which means you pay nothing unless we win.

Why Our Law Firm is Filing Individual Lawsuits as Opposed to a Guardrail Class Action

Trinity Industries has already been found liable for up to $1 billion for defrauding the government by failing to disclose design changes on the ET-Plus. They are also facing at least 14 personal injury lawsuits, including 5 wrongful death claims.

None of these lawsuits are part of a class action — the fraud claim was filed by a whistleblower, and the rest are individual lawsuits.

The Clark Firm, LLP files individual lawsuits because we believe this is the best way we can advocate for each client. Guardrail injuries are extremely serious and often deadly. For people who survive, amputations and permanent disability are common.

If you decide to file a lawsuit, you could potentially receive compensation for your:

  • Physical and emotional pain and suffering
  • Medical expenses (past and future)
  • Lost income or employment
  • Long-term injuries or permanent disability
  • Decreased quality of life
  • And more

Need a Guardrail Injury Lawyer in Texas?

Collen A. Clark is a true advocate for his clients and is passionate about helping Texans that have been injured or wronged.

Collen’s amazing success in the courtroom and well known dedication to his clients has earned him the recognition of his peers as one of The Top Trial Lawyers in Texas.”

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