Equine law typically refers to horse-related transactions and litigation, particularly where regulated breeds are involved, such as thoroughbreds, standardbreds, and Arabians. Effective representation requires that a lawyer have a thorough knowledge of tort, contract and administrative practice. Perhaps more important, an equine practitioner must understand the “language” that is specific to the horse industry as well as the specialized trade practices that are often unfamiliar to persons who are not regularly involved in the horse business.

Understanding Horse Ownership

Horse ownership responsibilities include both a significant financial commitment, as well as a substantial time commitment. As a horse owner you are financially responsible not only for the purchase price of the animal, but also for its continuous upkeep including items such as feed, shelter, veterinary bills, and shoeing costs. If you are selling a horse, you must protect against your potential liability. Specifically, while out on trial the horse does something to injure either the potential buyer, or a separate third party. In such a case, the first thing you should do to protect yourself is to require that the buyer sign a waiver, releasing the seller of all liability from the horse.

Selling a Horse in Texas?

If you are selling a horse in Texas – especially one to be shipped to a buyer in another state – you should take all measures necessary to ensure you have complied with state health documentation requirements. If a buyer wants to undo a sale and a lawsuit arises, he or she will go through all documents you provided with a fine-tooth comb and attempt to find every detail you missed or your vet might have overlooked.

Why Hire a Texas Equine Lawyer?

Texas does not have a specific set of legal statutes that address the needs of the equine community. Instead the courts rely on a variety of statutes including contract law, tort law, and probate law. An attorney who is familiar with the needs of the horse community and is up-to-date on current equine law developments is able to better analyze equine breeding, buying, selling and management issues in a timely manner.

Do I Have an Equine Lawsuit?

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