The first coronavirus lawsuits have been filed against cruise lines by people from Texas who were sickened or lost loved ones in horrific outbreaks.

Texas Widow Files Coronavirus Death Lawsuit Against Princess Cruise Line

A wrongful death lawsuit was filed by a widow from Crowley, Texas, who husband died in a COVID-19 outbreak on the Grand Princess.

The Grand Princess allowed 2,000 passengers to board the cruise after the previous voyage had a coronavirus outbreak. More than 60 people remained on-board after they had been exposed.

It is shocking to me that a cruise line that had just discharged coronavirus-infected passengers took on board a new group of passengers to then mingle with others who had been exposed.”

The couple boarded the Grand Princess cruise on February 21. Two weeks into the cruise, there was an outbreak of coronavirus and the passengers were quarantined on-board.

Both of them were infected. A few days later, he died alone in a hospital in Oakland, California.

The lawsuit was filed on April 14, 2020 in the Central District of U.S. District Court of California — Dorety vs. Princess Cruise Lines, Ltd.Case No. 2:20-cv-02458.

Employees File Lawsuit Against Celebrity Cruises

Celebrity Cruises was hit with a coronavirus lawsuit from employees who accuse the company of risking their lives.

The lawsuit was filed by a Celebrity Apex crew member who tested positive for COVID-19 on March 30. She said the cruise company “glaringly failed to follow even the most basic safety precautions.”

According to the lawsuit, on March 21, the Celebrity Apex had “mandatory crew drills” with all of the crew members on the ship — and then threw a party for crew members with buffet lines.

Two days after the party, 7 employees tested positive for COVID-19, and by April 6, around 350 other crew members were infected. No deaths were reported, but at least 8 crew members were hospitalized.

Why Do Viruses Spread So Easily on Cruise Ships?

  • Thousands of people close together with travelers from many countries
  • Tight quarters for passengers and crew
  • Communal dining, pools, entertainment, etc.
  • Cruise ships travel all over the world
  • Bad ventilation
  • Air conditioning systems can circulate viruses
  • People exposed to viruses remain on board
  • Lots of surfaces to disinfect

CDC Extends No-Sail Order to Cruise Ships

Due to the high risk of spreading COVID-19 on cruise ships, CDC published the first industry-wide No Sail Order on March 14 to prevent new passengers from boarding cruise ships.


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