Texas Lawyer for Life Insurance Cost IncreasesOur consumer fraud lawyers are investigating a dramatic increase in the cost of universal life insurance policies resulting from higher monthly deduction rates.

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What is Universal Life Insurance?

Universal life insurance or “permanent” policies guarantee a payout whenever the policyholder dies, plus the cash value of an investment account that is often used as retirement income.

How the Cost of Life Insurance is Determined

Costs normally fluctuate over the life of the policy based on how many people are dying and other expenses. Insurers use mortality tables to estimate how much money they will need to pay for death claims every year. Companies invest the premiums, hoping they will earn enough investment income to pay every claim.

Why Are Universal Life Insurance Premiums Rising So Fast?

Long-running low interest rates are reducing the income life insurance companies are generating off long-term investments that were made in the 1980s and 1990s, when interest rates on corporate bonds were very high.

Interest rates peaked at 15% in the 1980s, which was when many insurers guaranteed generous returns — no less than 5.5% annually in the case of Transamerica Life Insurance Co., for example.

With current rates below 3%, the economic reality fell far short of what was expected. It became harder to pay out claims that were promised to policyholders. Hiking premiums is one way to deal with the shortfall.

Life Insurance is Sold, Not Bought

Hiking premiums on older policies used to be taboo because insurers feared creating mistrust among young customers. But now that universal policies make up 40% of the market and many policyholders are in their 70s and 80s, insurers feel the costs are worth the risk.

What is the problem?

Lawsuits say some insurers are maintaining profits by sharply increasing costs as a pretext to avoid paying policyholders the interest rates that were agreed upon when the policy was sold.

Transamerica Class Action Lawsuit

A class action (PDF) was filed after Transamerica Life Insurance Co. raised some policyholders’ monthly deductions from investment accounts by 38%. The increases began in August 2015 and involve policies sold in the late 1980s and 1990s — Case No. 2:16-cv-01378.

Lawyers say the only way Transamerica could justify increasing costs is if more policyholders died than what was expected. Transamerica says the double-digit increases are still below what the policies allow, according to Investment News

Banner Life Insurance Class Action Lawsuit

In April 2016, a class action (PDF) was filed against Banner Life Insurance Company for unjustified increases in the cost of insurance. The company is accused of doubling the payments required to keep the policy, especially when the insured is over 50 years old.

Were Baby Boomers Betrayed?

Lawyers say this is “tantamount to an attempt to cancel the policies and/or raid the policies of accumulated policyholder savings.” They also say policyholders were lulled into a false belief that their policies were performing well and building cash value.

How Much Are Premiums Going Up?

Depending on the insurer, the extra annual cost ranges from about $150 for people with $250,000 policies to six-figure sums for those whose coverage tops $10 million, according to the Wall Street Journal.

What Options do Policyholders Have?

Universal life insurance policyholders have few options to handle massive premium increases. All of these options have disadvantages:

  • Refuse to pay the higher monthly rate: This will eventually deplete the policy’s cash value account, and the policy will expire.
  • Give up the policy and take whatever cash remains: Taxes will have to be paid. Policyholders are older, in poorer health, and less likely to find an affordable replacement.
  • Reduce the death benefit of the policy: The period of coverage increases, but the payout is reduced.

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