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Beyaz is a once-daily birth control pill that combines two synthetic hormones (drospirenone and ethinyl estradiol) with a folate supplement. Beyaz is known to cause gallbladder disease and gallstones in some women.

Beyaz Overview

Beyaz is a combination hormonal contraceptive (“the pill”). Each “active” Beyaz pill contains the same combination of synthetic hormones as Yaz birth control pills. Both contain drospirenone (synthetic progestin) and ethinyl estradiol (synthetic estrogen).

In addition to hormones, Beyaz also contains 0.451 mg of levomefolate calcium, a supplemental B-vitamin dietary supplement. Beyaz contains extra folate to reduce the chance of having a baby with a severe birth defect, just in case a woman gets pregnant in spite of the birth control pill.

Pregnancy is actually more common than most women expect for a birth control pill. Although Beyaz is more than 99% effective when taken exactly as directed, a lot of women do not take birth control pills exactly as directed. The pills need to be taken one per day, at the same time every day. Many women miss doses, which increases the chance that they will get pregnant.

Neural tube defects are often debilitating or life-threatening, and include spina bifida, anencephaly, iniencephaly, and more. Low folate levels cause the majority of these birth defects.

Beyaz Gallbladder Disease

One risk factor for gallbladder disease is high levels of hormones. Women are twice as likely as men to have gallbladder disease. Women use hormonal birth control pills, they often have high levels of estrogen during or after pregnancy, and they are also more likely to use hormone replacement therapy.

Gallbladder disease and gallstones are a known side effect of Beyaz, but experts do not know exactly how Beyaz causes this side effect. It may decrease the movement of the gallbladder, which causes bile to back up into the gallbladder. It may also have a diuretic effect, which increases the risk of gallbladder disease. The hormones in Beyaz may also cause calcified particles of cholesterol to accumulate in the gallbladder, which can form the basis of a gallstone.

What is Gallbladder Disease?

Beyaz gallbladder disease is a severe, life-threatening disorder that occurs when the gallbladder becomes suddenly inflamed. It is a very painful condition. People who have this condition usually have gallbladder attacks, which are severe bouts of pain that last for several minutes or hours. These attacks may be worst at night or after eating a fatty meal.

Gallstones are a frequent cause of gallbladder disease. These are hard accretions, usually comprised of calcified cholesterol or other particles. They do not usually cause symptoms when they are small, but they may grow to the size of golfballs if not treated.

Approximately half of people who have gallbladder disease need to have a surgery to remove the gallbladder.

Signs & Symptoms of Gallbladder Disease

The symptoms of gallbladder disease vary. Gallstones often have no symptoms until they are large enough to block a duct or inhibit the flow of bile through the gallbladder. Beyaz gallbladder disease may not be suspected or diagnosed early, because women who take Beyaz are frequently young, with no risk factors, or any medical history of gallbladder disease.

Beyaz gallbladder disease symptoms may include:

  • Abdominal pain: This pain is usually sudden and intense. It is located just under the ribcage on the right side of the body, but it may radiate to the back, shoulder, or right arm. The pain may be worst at night, or after eating a fatty meal. It may only last for a few minutes, or last for several hours.
  • Nausea, vomiting
  • Gas, bloating
  • Indigestion
  • Belching, burping
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