No Longer Accepting Cases

Accutane was once a popular treatment for acne before it was linked to inflammatory bowel disease (IBD), a chronic and debilitating gastrointestinal illness. In recent years, thousands of people who were injured have filed lawsuits against Hoffman-La Roche.

Accutane Class Action Lawsuit Information

Over 7,000 lawsuits have been filed by people who developed inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) after taking Accutane, an anti-acne drug developed by Hoffman-La Roche. Many of these lawsuits were centralized in a federal Multi-District Litigation (MDL) in Florida or mass torts in New Jersey and Pennsylvania.

These lawsuits are not centralized in an Accutane class action — they are actually individual lawsuits filed by people who hired their own attorney. Plaintiffs accuse drug-makers of downplaying risk information linking Accutane and IBD. In 2009, drug-makers discontinued Accutane after juries awarded multi-million dollar verdicts in favor of plaintiffs who were injured:

  • In 2008, $10.5 million awarded to a woman with IBD. She took Accutane at age 12 and was diagnosed with IBD at age 14.
  • In 2010, $25 million awarded to a man who developed IBD after taking Accutane. He needed five surgeries to treat his condition.
  • In 2012, $18 million awarded to two women who were diagnosed with IBD from Accutane.