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DePuy ASR Hip Implant Linked to 37% Five-Year Failure Rate

An internal company analysis in 2011 found a 37% five-year failure rate for the DePuy ASR Hip implant, when the industry’s “acceptable” five-year failure rate is about 5%.

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DePuy Offers $200K Settlement Per ASR Hip Implant Lawsuit

Johnson & Johnson has offered to pay $200,000 per case to settle more than 10,000 lawsuits filed by people who were injured by the DePuy ASR hip implant.

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Trial Date Set for First DePuy ASR Hip Implant Lawsuit

Trial dates have been scheduled in the DePuy ASR Hip Implant MDL.

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Texas Lawyer for Toxic Metal Hip Replacements

Toxic metal hip replacements are linked to permanent tissue damage, bone loss, blindness, deafness, heart damage, and lifelong disability.

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FDA Letter Preceded DePuy Hip Implant Phaseout

DePuy executives decided to slowly phase out the ASR model after a letter from the FDA.

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NPR Radio Story on Defective Metal Hip Replacements

Metal hip implants can destroy surrounding bone and tissue, leak carcinogenic toxins into the body, and fracture early.

Study Raises Concern About Metal-on-Metal Hip Replacements

March 14, 2012 -- Experts are calling for a ban of metal-on-metal hip replacements after a study published this week in the Lancet found that the metal-on-metal design was far more likely to fail than other types of hip replacements....

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Hundreds of Thousands May have Toxic DePuy Hip Implants

Metal-on-metal implants can leak chromium and cobalt into a person’s bloodstream, potentially increasing the risk of side effects.

FDA Warning Letter for DePuy’s Custom Implants

January 19, 2012 -- The FDA is warning DePuy Orthopaedics Inc. that it is violating the law by selling its “custom” synthetic hip, knee, and ankle replacements without FDA approval. The FDA warning letter has resulted in DePuy halting sales...

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Texas DePuy Hip Implant Lawyer

DePuy, has recalled two of its metal-on-metal hip implant models due to a risk of erosion and revision surgery.