April 24, 2015 — A growing number of consumers in California are joining a lawsuit accusing Lumber Liquidators of providing inaccurate formaldehyde test kits for flooring that might contain toxic levels of the cancer-causing chemical.

Investigators with WFMY talked to Dennis Winkler, a local man who removed Lumber Liquidators flooring from his home after seeing the 60 Minutes investigation.

He says he doesn’t trust the test kit provided by Lumber Liquidators to measure formaldehyde in the air. Furthermore, he plans on joining a lawsuit against Lumber Liquidators, and said:

“Well the test kit they sent, no disrespect, made by Mickey Mouse or whatever … It was an air test kit. Well, the formaldehyde’s in the wood. My issue is to have them held accountable.”

Class action lawsuits were filed after an investigation by 60 Minutes accused Lumber Liquidators of selling Chinese-made laminate wood floors that contain excessive amounts of formaldehyde, but are mislabeled as compliant with safety standards.

After these allegations went mainstream, Lumber Liquidators provided customers with a free kit to test formaldehyde in the air. However, the kit does not test formaldehyde in the flooring itself.

The lawsuits accuse Lumber Liquidators of hiring unaccredited labs to disprove the tests and therefore call its flooring safe.