Rockstar Energy Drink Heart Attack Lawsuit Filed in CaliforniaJuly 18, 2015 — A man who says he had a heart attack after drinking four Rockstar energy drinks in less than eight hours has filed a lawsuit against the manufacturer, CBS Los Angeles reports.

The lawsuit was filed by Oscar Maldonado in Los Angeles Superior Court. According to the complaint, Maldonado consumed the highly-caffeinated beverages on June 30, 2013 and developed shortness of breath and chest pains.

His symptoms worsened over the next three days, he was diagnosed with a heart attack on July 3, and underwent emergency surgery.

The lawsuit accuses Rockstar of failing to warn consumers about the risk of cardiovascular events from caffeine, and claims taurine has similar effects on cardiac muscles as caffeine:

“[Drink-makers] mask and otherwise fail to alert consumers like (Maldonado) of the significant risks associated with the consumption of Rockstar energy drinks and did not provide adequate warnings of the dangers of their product to plaintiff.”

Several other lawsuits have been filed by people who had heart problems after consuming energy drinks. Earlier this year, Monster Energy settled two lawsuits on behalf of young men who died after consuming the beverages. One young man died after drinking two cans every day for three years, while the other man died after drinking only one can per day for two weeks.

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