Texas Peg Perego Stroller LawyerJuly 24, 2012 — Peg Perego, a major stroller manufacturer, has announced a voluntary recall of the “Venezia” and “Pliko P3” strollers due to the risk of infant entrapment, strangulation, and death. The recall involves approximately 223,000 strollers. The strollers are no longer sold in retail stores, but may still be available second-hand. The recall is occurring eight years after a 6-month-old baby died of strangulation in the stroller.


The CPSC is warning that infants under 12 months old who are not restrained in the strollers can slip out underneath the tray in older stroller models. If the tray is too low, and the infant’s head and neck can become stuck. This can cause strangulation and death.

The U.S. Consumer Products Safety Commission (CPSC) announced the recall, and said that it was initiated due to the death of a baby in 2004. The 6-month-old baby from Tarzana, California, died when his head became stuck in the space between the tray and the seat of the stroller. Three years later, a 7-month-old girl strangled and nearly died due to the same defect. It is possible that there were unreported injuries that occurred in the strollers, because the CPSC only receives voluntarily-submitted reports.

The Peg Perego stroller recall includes “Venezia” and “Pliko P3” strollers, which were manufactured between January 2004 and September 2007, and sold from January 2004 until September 2010. The strollers came in a variety of colors and were priced between $270-450. Retailers such as Babies R Us and Buy Buy Baby sold the strollers, though they may have been available at other retail outlets.

The stroller industry has voluntarily improved industry safety standards, and new strollers are made with a wider space between the seat and the tray. The Peg Perego stroller recall only affects older models of the stroller, which are no longer sold in retail stores. It is likely that some of the strollers are still being sold second-hand.

The CPSC notes that only some models of the strollers are being recalled. The recalled products have one cup holder on the bumper tray. Pliko strollers with two cup holders are not part of the recall.

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