Texas Zofran LawyerNovember 4, 2015 — Courthouse News reports that 193 lawsuits involving Zofran have been filed against GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) this year, including dozens just last week.

One of those lawsuits was filed by Deana Brown, a woman who took Zofran during pregnancy and had a daughter with amniotic band constriction and clubfoot in 2007.

According to the lawsuit, GSK used financial incentives to entice doctors to prescribe Zofran beginning in the 1990s, with market slogans like “Profit Maximization – It’s in the Bag.” The practice did not end until the Justice Department started investigating in the early 2000s.

As part of a $3 billion settlement with the Justice Department, GSK admitted that it “knowingly promoted” Zofran for pregnancy-related nausea.

Brown filed a lawsuit in federal court in Idaho last month, alleging that “GSK’s conduct was tantamount to using expectant mothers and their unborn children as human guinea pigs,” according to The Daily Beast.

In mid-October, more than a dozen Zofran lawsuits were centralized in a Multi-District Litigation (MDL No. 2657) in the U.S. District Court for Massachusetts. All of the lawsuits accuse GSK of recklessly marketing Zofran “off-label” to pregnant women and failing to adequately warn about the risk of birth defects.

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