The most common skin reaction from Just for Men is allergic contact dermatitis, which causes a painful rash. Hispanic and African American men may also develop skin discoloration.

“Just for Men” Allergic Reaction

Allergic reactions are a known side effect of Just for Men. It contains ingredients that can cause skin irritation in certain individuals.

One ingredient, p-Phenylenediamine (PPD), has been widely used in dark hair dye since the 1980s. It is known to cause contact dermatitis in 5-7% of the population, according to the North American Contact Dermatitis Society.

You should always do a skin-allergy test before using Just for Men. Directions for the test are included on the label. The label also recommends seeking medical attention if you develop:

“Rapidly spreading skin rash, dizziness, faintness, difficulty breathing, shortness of breath, tightness of chest, hives or swelling to eyes/face, blistering of skin or scalp weeping, seek immediate medical attention.”

Allergic Contact Dermatitis

Allergic contact dermatitis is a type of allergic reaction in which direct contact with a substance causes the skin to become red, sore, and inflamed. “Just for Men” causes irritant dermatitis, which looks similar to a chemical burn. In some cases, the reaction only occurs after repeated use of the product over time.


Anaphylaxis is a rare but severe type of allergic reaction that develops rapidly and can cause death within 15 minutes. It occurs when the immune system over-reactions and the entire body becomes involved in the reaction. Some people develop severe swelling of the face, tongue, or throat, which can constrict the airway and cause suffocation.


Most allergic reactions occur within seconds or minutes after exposure to the allergen. However, in some cases, the reaction is delayed several hours.

Symptoms of an allergic reaction may include:

  • Hives (itchy or painful red welts on the face and neck)
  • Itching
  • Rash (painful or burning)
  • Watery, red eyes
  • Nasal congestion
  • Swelling of the skin, lips, face, tongue
  • Wheezing, nasal congestion, or breathing problems
  • Dizziness or light-headedness
  • And more


The first step is washing “Just for Men” off your skin with lots of water to remove as much as possible from your skin. In mild cases, you may not have to do any treatment. For moderate cases, you might apply a corticosteroid ointment to reduce inflammation. Your healthcare provider might recommend anti-histamine medications like Benadryl or an anti-inflammatory corticosteroid.


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