January 15, 2015 — Johnson & Johnson claims women are being contacted by “unscrupulous” individuals and asked to lie about their medical history to file a vaginal mesh lawsuit.

As evidence, J&J cited a phone-call recording made by a woman in Indiana who was not implanted with vaginal mesh, but was asked to “tell a lie if you want to get the $30,000 up to $40,000.”

J&J claims some women have been contacted by strangers from nonexistent firms like the “U.S. Medical Department,” “American Medical Services,” and “Medical Healthcare.”

Disturbingly, in some cases the strangers already know the woman’s medical information and call as often as 50 times per month, according to Bloomberg.

In a federal filing, J&J told U.S. District Judge Joseph Goodwin:

“Women across the nation are receiving unsolicited phone calls from strangers who … try to entice each woman into filing a lawsuit, oftentimes disregarding whether she has an injury or even had a mesh implant at all.”

J&J asked Judge Goodwin to take steps to weed out baseless claims, such as forcing plaintiffs to produce medical records and asking attorneys about solicitations. Until illegitimate claims are weeded out, J&J said they cannot make progress on settlements.

Judge Goodwin oversees about 24,000 lawsuits involving vaginal mesh products made by J&J. Women in the litigation claim that vaginal mesh is defective and unreasonably dangerous because it can erode into the body, cause infections, chronic pain, nerve damage, incontinence, and other complications that require surgery.

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