Because the thyroid gland is located in the neck, potential complications of surgery or an aggressive tumor include permanent nerve damage, voice changes, spread of the cancer (metastasis), need for lifelong hormone therapy, and more.


For most people, the risk of life-threatening Janumet thyroid cancer complications is low. Janumet has only been linked to a couple cases of thyroid cancer, and fewer than 1% of people who get thyroid cancer have highly-aggressive anaplastic thyroid cancer.

Janumet works by influencing a hormone called GLP-1. Other anti-diabetes drugs that influence GLP-1 (such as liraglutide) have been linked to proliferation of cancerous thyroid C-cell tumors, which is a risk factor for medullary thyroid cancer. This is a slow-growing thyroid cancer that can usually be removed surgically before it causes serious complications.

The most serious Janumet thyroid cancer complication is spread of the cancer to other tissues (metastasis). Thyroid cancer can potentially metastasize to the lungs, bones, lymph nodes, and more.

Surgery Complications

Thyroid cancer surgery complications can be very severe, because the thyroid gland is located on the lower-front part of the neck. Aggressive tumors can grow into the windpipe, voice box (larynx), nerves, blood vessels, and more. These tumors are very difficult to remove. Fortunately, most thyroid cancers are diagnosed early enough that they can be removed completely with surgery. If surgery requires removal of hormone-producing thyroid cells, thyroid cancer complications may include hormone deficiencies. The patient may need to take hormone supplements to help regulate metabolism and calcium levels in the blood.

Janumet thyroid cancer complications include damage to the voice box (larynx) during surgery, which can cause:

  • Changes in tone of voice
  • Decreased speaking ability
  • Need to take many breaths while speaking
  • Hoarseness
  • Permanently quiet or “breathy” voice
  • Breathing that is noisy or wheezing
  • And more

Return of Thyroid Cancer

Despite surgery, another Janumet thyroid cancer complication is return of the cancer. Even if the thyroid gland is entirely removed, cancerous cells can travel to other parts of the body and cause malignancies. Thyroid cancer can also return in parts of the thyroid gland that are left behind after surgery, or in lymph nodes in the neck.


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