Snoqualmie Ice Creamery Linked to Listeria Failed InspectionJanuary 28, 2015 — Snoqualmie Gourmet Ice Cream failed a health inspection two months before it was shut down due to an outbreak of Listeria last year, according to the Seattle Times.

Two men in King County developed food poisoning after they were infected with Listeria monocytogenes. Health officials isolated the strain of bacteria and matched it to samples that were collected inside the Snoqualmie production facility.

An inspection on October 15 uncovered evidence of mold, grime, “dried, flaking residue” on a pasteurizer vat, “black residue” on metal carts, rotted flooring, pooling water, flies, and male workers without facial-hair protection.

They scored 87 on the inspection report, which is below a passing score of 90. However, the problems weren’t deemed “critical” and Snoqualmie was allowed to continue operations.

In December 2014, another inspection discovered “black build up and hairlike growth” on milk crates used to store utensils that were within 5 feet of an ice-cream pint filler, and more evidence of slime and grime. The plant was closed on December 15.

On December 23, Snoqualmie voluntarily recalled all flavors and sizes of products that were manufactured between January 1 and December 21, 2014.

Products affected by the recall include:

  • Snoqualmie Ice Cream
  • Snoqualmie Gelato
  • Snoqualmie Custard
  • Snoqualmie Sorbet
  • Emerald & Spruce Ice Cream
  • Top Pot Hand Forged Ice Cream

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