FDA Investigates Spray-On Sunscreen Risks in KidsJuly 10, 2014 — Consumer Reports is warning parents not to use spray sunscreen on children until health risks like asthma, allergy attacks, and other complications are better understood.

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) announced last month that they are investigating whether spray sunscreen products can be harmful in children.

Consumer Reports is primarily concerned about people accidentally breathing ingredients in spray sunscreen. The risk is greatest in children, who are more likely to squirm around when being sprayed:

“Our tests have found that sprays can work well when used properly—but it is harder to make sure that you apply enough, especially when it’s windy. We recommend spraying as much as can be evenly applied, and then repeating, just to be safe.”

The organization is also concerned about accidentally missing areas of skin, which could increase the risk of a sunburn. They suggested spraying the products onto your hands and then rubbing it on, or just using lotions instead.

Burn Injuries Lead to Spray-On Sunscreen Recall

This is not the first time spray sunscreen has raised safety concerns. In October 2012, Banana Boat recalled spray-on sunscreen after five people reported suffering burn injuries after using the product near an open flame. The problem was linked to the “Continuous Spray” nozzle, which could dispense too much of the product and fail to dry quickly.

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