Defective Table Saws Recalled, New Injury Lawsuits Filed

October 1, 2013 — The Consumer Products Safety Commission (CPSC) has recalled about 5,700 TS 55 REQ Plunge Cut Circular Saws in the United States and Canada because the plunge lock can engage unintentionally, causing the saw blade to remain exposed after completion of a cut. No injuries have been reported, but the defect poses a laceration hazard and it may cause property damage.

According to the recall notification from Festool USA:

“The TS 55 REQ is a small, portable circular saw for woodcutting with a 160 mm saw blade, aluminum guide rails and a plunge cut feature. … Recalled saws include date codes ranging from 02/13 to 05/13 and serial number 40033594 through 40074108.”

Defective Table Saw Lawsuits

In recent years, a growing number of people who were injured by defective table saws have filed table saw injury lawsuits against manufacturers. Plaintiffs allege that manufacturers could prevent most injuries by implementing safety technology. The CPSC estimates that there are 6,000 table saw-related injuries every year, resulting in about 3,500 amputations.

In September 2013, Black & Decker Corp. was hit with four lawsuits filed by plaintiffs who were injured after using table saws. The lawsuits were filed in Baltimore, Maryland on behalf of plaintiffs from Texas, Kentucky, Indiana, and Arkansas. Plaintiffs allege the table saws are defective because they do not have a riving knife, which is a small metal device that help prevent kickback accidents.

One of the first lawsuits was filed by Carlos Osorio, a man who was injured while using a Ryobi benchtop table saw in April 2004. In 2010, a jury awarded Osorio $1.5 million, finding that the manufacturer of the table saw was negligent for failing to sell the product with flesh-sensing technology that could have prevented Osorio’s injuries.

Safety Laws Fail in California Senate

Soon after Osorio won his case, the CPSC and lawmakers in California and other states began discussing laws that would require flesh-sensing technology (known as “SawStop”) on most table saws by 2015. In August 2012, the Table Saw Safety Act (AB 2218) failed to pass the California Senate.

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