The Clark Firm Obtains $8.5 Million in Texas Truck Accident LawsuitIn the last 20 months, The Clark Firm, LLP has obtained more than $22 million for our clients. One of the largest awards was a truck accident that went to trial and the defendant paid $8.5 million to our client.

The accident was caused by Bill Doe, a truck driver who was moving an oil drilling rig for an East Texas drilling company. While traveling on I-20 one morning, he crashed into a bridge abutment without ever hitting his breaks.

After the accident, his trailer extended several feet into the traveling lane on the highway. Our client was another truck driver who was following three minutes behind Bill Doe in an 18-wheeler. Our client clipped the back end of Bill Doe’s vehicle, causing him to lose control and flip his rig.

As a result of the accident, our client was severely injured. He has never fully regained his ability to walk without a cane.

The accident report indicated that Bill Doe fell asleep at the wheel. However, after investigating further, a different story unfolded. He had a history of using methamphetamine, and it seemed more likely that drug use contributed to the crash.

The Clark Firm, LLP aggressively litigated on behalf of our client, but defendants only offered $1.6 million during mediation. The case went to trial and the defendants paid $8.5 million.

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