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Texas Bulldozer Accident Lawyer

Accidents involving bulldozers are extremely dangerous and unforgiving. Many bulldozer injuries result in hospitalization and time off work. If you were injured, contact our Texas bulldozer accident lawyers to schedule a free case consultation. Need a Texas Bulldozer Accident Lawyer?...

Thousands file Health Claims for Richmond Refinery Fire

August 14, 2012 -- Health claims are pouring in from injured residents of Richmond, California. On August 6, a Chevron gasoline refinery caught on fire and exploded, sending a massive plume of black smoke into the sky. Fortunately, there were...

Railroad Workers

Railroad Fined for Firing Injured Whistleblowers

Yesterday, the U.S. Department of Labor announced that Illinois Central Railroad will be required to pay approximately $600,000 to two railroad workers who were fired after they reported injuries on the job.

Railroad Workers

Norfolk Forced to Pay $800K for Firing Injured Railroaders

Norfolk Southern Railway Co. will be forced to pay $802,168.70 to three railroad workers who were injured on the job, filed injury reports, and then were fired.

Texas Workplace Accident Lawyer

Texas Workplace Accident Lawyer

Sadly, the victims of workplace accidents are often left with injuries that keep them out of work for either a significant period of time or permanently. If you have suffered a debilitating injury in a workplace accident, you need the...