The Clark Firm is No Longer Taking These Cases
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August 16, 2012 — Bayer is asking a New Jersey judge to centralize all Mirena IUD lawsuits into one court in New Jersey. Bayer argues that the venue makes sense, because the company is headquartered in New Jersey, and there are already 16 lawsuits pending in that. There are an additional seven lawsuits pending in courts in other states. The plaintiffs in those cases accuse Bayer of failing to warn women and their healthcare providers about the serious risks of the device, such as uterine perforation.

On August 9, 2012, Bayer sent an Application for Centralized Management to Judge Glenn A. Grant, an administrative director in New Jersey court system. Bayer advocated for the centralized litigation as a way to improve convenience, efficiency, conserve resources, and reduce the risk of conflicting rulings or duplicative discovery in multiple courts around the nation.

Bayer said that they expect a large number of Mirena lawsuits to be filed in New Jersey. The law firms that have already filed actions have indicated their intentions to continue filing cases, and multiple law firms are accepting new cases.

There are 24 plaintiffs involved in 16 lawsuits pending in Morris County, New Jersey. All of the plaintiffs are located outside the New Jersey area. They all claim Bayer is responsible for their injuries because the company failed to warn about the risks of a misplaced device.