Bad Batch of OxyElite Pro Suspected in Hawaii Liver Injuries

October 4, 2013 — Hawaii News Now is reporting that an epidemic of liver injuries in Hawaii may be associated with a “bad batch” of OxyElite Pro.

OxyElite Pro is sold all over the United States, but all of the known liver damage cases occurred in Hawaii. The state may have received a contaminated shipment. Exposure to heat may also potentially alter the effects of the drug.

At least one woman with liver failure reported using OxyElite Pro. Within weeks, she became violently ill, with severe nausea and vomiting. Hawaiian health department investigators have reported an epidemic of at least 32 liver injuries, and the only common risk-factor was OxyElite Pro and another supplement, which has not been named.

Bad Reactions to Re-Formulated OxyElite Pro?

The manufacturer of OxyElite Pro is USPLabs, which is based in Dallas, Texas. Last year, USPLabs received a warning letter from the FDA regarding DMAA, an illegal stimulant drug ingredient in OxyElite Pro. After fighting the FDA for a year, USPLabs re-formulated OxyElite Pro.

It is not clear whether the re-formulated OxyElite Pro or the old OxyElite Pro with DMAA is associated with the liver damage epidemic. In July, the FDA reported that $8 million worth of DMAA-containing OxyElite Pro and Jack3D were destroyed. They also reported receiving 86 adverse event reports, but the reports did not include liver damage.

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