Avelox Side Effect LawyerAvelox is an antibiotic that has been linked to rare but serious side effects like nerve damage, tendon injuries, and a life-threatening skin reaction known as Stevens-Johnson Syndrome (SJS).

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Avelox Lawsuits

In September 2014, the first lawsuits were filed against Bayer HealthCare by people who developed nerve damage after taking Avelox. One plaintiff claimed that the label on Avelox “misleadingly indicated [nerve damage] was rare and failed to make any mention of the risk of permanent nerve damage.”

In 2015, dozens of lawsuits involving antibiotic-induced nerve damage were centralized in one federal court in Minnesota. By the end of 2016, over 700 lawsuits were pending in Multi-District Litigation (MDL No. 2642) under U.S. District Judge John R. Tunheim.

Avelox and Stevens-Johnson Syndrome (SJS)

The Label (PDF) on Avelox warns that patients have developed deadly allergic skin reactions, including Stevens-Johnson Syndrome (SJS) and Toxic Epidermal Necrolysis (TEN). Therefore, patients on Avelox should seek emergency medical attention at the first sign of a skin rash, unless the rash is clearly not drug-related. In one report from 2004, a 23 year-old woman died from TEN after taking Avelox for just three days. In another report from 2009, a 44 year-old man developed TEN after taking Avelox for approximately 7 days.

FDA Warning: Avelox and Nerve Damage

One of the most severe side effects of Avelox is peripheral neuropathy, a severe type of nerve damage that can occur rapidly (after just a few doses) and last for months or even years. In August 2013, the FDA published a Safety Communication and updated the label on Avelox to include peripheral neuropathy. Although nerve damage had been on the label since 2004, the FDA was concerned that it did not adequately address the rapid onset of symptoms or potentially permanent complications.

Avelox Black Box Warning

Avelox carries a “Black Box” warning about the risk of tendon injuries, including tendinitis (tendon inflammation) and tendon ruptures. Symptoms may include pain, swelling, tears and inflammation of tendons including the Achilles (back of the ankle), shoulder, hand, or other sites.

Avelox and Aortic Aneurysms

Avelox is a fluoroquinolone antibiotics. All drugs in this class can damage collagen in connective tissue, which increases the risk of tendon ruptures and retinal detachment. Collagen is also found in arterial walls, which is why some experts are concerned about the risk of aortic aneurysms. In October 2015, a study published by JAMA Internal Medicine found a doubled increased risk of aortic aneurysims within 60 days of taking a fluoroquinolone antibiotic. Another study published in the the British Medical Journal in November found a tripled increased risk.

Most Serious Side Effects

Most Common Side Effects

In clinical trials, at least 3% of patients experienced nausea, diarrhea, headache, or dizziness. At least 1% of patients also experienced anemia, constipation, abdominal pain, indigestion, fever, low potassium (hypokalemia), and insomnia.

Other Side Effects of Avelox

  • Tendon rupture
  • Worsening of myasthensia gavis (disease that causes muscle weakness and breathing problems)
  • Bone, joint, and tendon problems (children)
  • Allergic reactions – tell your doctor if you have hives, trouble breathing or swallowing, swelling of the lips, face, or tongue, throat tightness, rapid heartbeat, fainting, yellowing of the skin or eyes, dark urine
  • Skin rash
  • Heart rhythm changes (QT interval prolongation, torsades de pointes)
  • Intestinal infection
  • Sensitivity to sunlight
  • Central Nervous System (CNS) side effects, including seizures — tell your doctor if you experience dizziness, changes in mood or behavior, seizures, hallucinations, restlessness, tremors, anxiety, depression, trouble sleeping, paranoia, suicidal thoughts or actions, nightmares, or vision loss
  • And more

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