Texas Yellowfin Tuna Salmonella LawyerYellowfin tuna has been linked to several recent salmonella outbreaks. The raw fish products may have been used in spicy tuna rolls, sushi, sashimi, ceviche, and other foods containing yellowfin tuna.

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Raw Tuna in Sushi Linked to Salmonella Outbreak

May 22, 2015 — Raw tuna in sushi has been linked to at least 53 cases of Salmonella food poisoning in nine states since March, according to a warning from the Centers for Disease Control (CDC).

Ten people have been hospitalized. No deaths have been reported. Click here to read more.

States that have reported cases include: Arizona (10), California (31), Illinois (1), Mississippi (1), New Mexico (6), South Dakota (1), Virginia (1), Washington (1), and Wisconsin (1).

Moon Marine Recalls Yellowfin Tuna After Salmonella Outbreak

On April 13, 2012, Moon Marine USA Corporation, a seafood distributor company located in Cupertino, CA, announced that it would be voluntarily recalling 58,828 pounds of yellowfin tuna. The fish product was backmeat, scraped off the bones of the tuna, and resembles ground fish when it is packaged. The products sold were labeled “Nakaochi Scrape AA or AAA.”

In a Press Announcement, the FDA warned consumers to exercise caution when consuming sushi, sashimi, ceviche, or other products that might contain contaminated raw yellowfin tuna. This is because “the tuna may not be readily identifiable by retail outlets or by consumers as being from the implicated lots.”

Moon Marine USA Corporation typically sells its products to smaller distributors, which re-package the products in smaller sizes. By the time they contaminated yellowfin tuna products are in restaurants or grocery stores, they may no longer have the label “Nakaochi Scrape AA or AAA.”

So far, the FDA has announced that there are 116 confirmed cases of salmonella in the outbreak. 12 of these people have been hospitalized. The FDA has also confirmed that the type of salmonella implicated in the outbreak is Salmonella Bareilly, a rare strain that also caused a recent bean sprout salmonella outbreak.

Salmonella Food Poisoning

Salmonella food poisoning is not usually fatal. Health people usually recover within 5-7 days of the event. However, it may take up to three months before normal bowel function returns. For some people, however, yellowfin tuna salmonella poisoning could be fatal. The most vulnerable populations are children, older Americans, people with weakened immune systems (people with cancer or HIV), or pregnant women. In the worst cases, the salmonella bacterium can infect the bloodstream. Without rapid antibiotic treatment, this can cause death.

Do I have a Food Poisoning Lawsuit?

Collen A. Clark is a true advocate for his clients and is passionate about helping Texans that have been injured or wronged.

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