Body broker class action lawyer for victims of organ donation fraud.Class action lawsuits have been filed against fraudulent organ donor companies, known as “body brokers,” who dismember bodies without consent and sell the parts for profit.

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Body Broker Class Action Lawsuit

In May 2015, a class action lawsuit (PDF) was filed by the family of a man whose body was dismembered and sold for profit. The man, William Perkins, died in November 2011 and his remains were donated to Biological Resource Center.

In April 2015, the FBI notified the family that Biological Resource Center was under criminal investigation for mishandling human body parts. The FBI also found body parts belonging to Mr. Perkins. According to the lawsuit:

“Mr. Perkins’ head, shoulder and leg were identified during the investigation … Defendants’ promise to treat the remains with dignity and respect was utterly violated.”

The evidence suggests that cremated remains the family received did not actually belong to their father. They also believe his remains were sold for profit rather than scientific study, medical uses, or education, as they were promised by Biological Resource Center.

Organ Donor Companies Under FBI Investigation

  • Biological Resource Center (Phoenix, Arizona)
  • Biological Resource Center of Illinois (Rosemont/Schiller Park, Illinois)
  • International Biological, Inc. (Detroit, Michigan)
  • Arthroscopy Association of North America (Schiller Park, Illinois)
  • Anatomical Service, Inc. (Schiller Park, Illinois)

UCLA Organ Donor Class Action

In 1996, donor families filed a class action lawsuit against UCLA for cremating bodies of their loved ones in piles with medical waste and sending the ashes to a landfill, after promising to bury them or scatter them in a rose garden.

The school tried to fix the program and hired a new director. In March 2004, another class action accused the director and others of selling body parts for profit rather than donating them to science or education. UCLA then suspended its Willed Body Program.

About Class Actions

Class actions are great when a lot of people have similar legal claims. The lawsuit is filed by a “class representative” on behalf of everyone with the same legal claim. If compensation is awarded, everyone in the lawsuit shares the payout equally.

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