Texas Bio-T-Gel LawyerRecent studies indicate that men who take testosterone replacement drugs are at an increased risk of blood clots, heart attack, stroke, and death. One of the newest products, Bio-T-Gel (testosterone gel) has become controversial. A growing number of lawsuits accuse drug-makers of downplaying these life-threatening side effects.

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What is Bio-T-Gel?

Bio-T-Gel (testosterone gel) is a product that is used in testosterone replacement therapy. It was developed by BioSante and Teva Pharmaceuticals and approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in February 2012.

Bio-T-Gel and Low Testosterone

Bio-T-Gel is only FDA-approved to treat men with hypogonadism (testosterone below 300 ng/dL) in conjunction with a medical condition, such as undescended testicles, brain disorders, or chemotherapy side effects. However, recent studies indicate that less than half of men on testosterone replacement therapy actually have hypogonadism, and 25% received a prescription without ever having a blood test.

What is the problem?

The proven benefits of treating low testosterone are small increases in lean muscle mass and sexual satisfaction. When it comes to effects on depression, weight, energy levels, irritability, or strength, studies are inconclusive. These “benefits” must be weighed against the possibility of life-threatening side effects.

The FDA has launched an investigation into two new studies linking testosterone and heart attacks. In the first study, men over 65 had twice as many heart attacks. In the second study, the use of testosterone was associated with a higher risk of heart attack, stroke, and death.

FDA Warning for Testosterone Heart Attack, Stroke Risk

March 4, 2015 — In a Safety Communication, the FDA is asking manufacturers of testosterone replacement products to stop marketing them for the treatment of age-related “Low T,” add warnings about heart attacks and strokes, and start studying the long-term risks. Click here to read more.

Bio-T-Gel Side Effects

If you only recently learned about Bio-T-Gel side effects, you are not alone. Although evidence linking testosterone and blood clots has been growing since 2009, many men were not aware of the risk when they started Bio-T-Gel. In fact, testosterone levels naturally decline in aging men, and there may be good reasons for this. Testosterone thickens the blood, which may increase the risk of the following side effects:

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Collen A. Clark is a true advocate for his clients and is passionate about helping Texans that have been injured or wronged.

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