Texas AndroGel Stroke LawyerAndroGel (testosterone gel), manufactured by AbbVie, is marketed as a lifelong treatment for unpleasant aspects of “Low T” — sagging muscles, flagging libido, low energy, and more. Unfortunately, recent studies have found that older men on AndroGel may be 30% more likely to have a stroke or other life-threatening cardiovascular event.

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What is the problem?

AndroGel, manufactured by AbbVie, has been aggressively marketed to treat symptoms of low testosterone, or “Low T,” which may include fatigue, sexual dysfunction, depression, reduced muscle mass, and more. AndroGel is now prescribed to two-thirds of men on testosterone therapy, with millions of patients.

The problem is that AndroGel is only approved for treating low testosterone in conjunction with a serious medical condition — missing or damaged testicles, hypogonadism, chemotherapy, or genetic conditions that cause little or no testosterone production.

Unfortunately, only 50% of men on testosterone actually have an associated medical condition. For these men, the risk of stroke may outweigh the benefits of treating “Low T.” Another problem is that AndroGel is not a “quick fix” for unpleasant aspects of aging. It is a lifetime commitment, because once you start testosterone therapy, the body stops producing its own testosterone.

Label Updated With Stroke Warnings

March 3, 2015 — The FDA issued a Safety Communication and announced that the label on AndroGel and other testosterone products must be updated to warn about the possible increased risk of stroke. The FDA also cautioned that AndroGel is not approved or recommended for treating “Low T” associated with aging. Click here to read more.

More Evidence Linking AndroGel and Strokes

AndroGel contains 1% or 1.62% testosterone hormones. Higher levels of testosterone can increase the risk of blood clots by increasing blood pressure, the viscosity of blood, and the number of red blood cells. If a blood clot forms in an artery leading away from the heart, it can be pumped into the brain and cause a stroke.

AndroGel was associated with a 30% increased risk of stroke, heart attacks, and death in a study published in November 2013 by the Journal of the American Medical Association. The 3-year cardiovascular event rate was 25.7% for men on testosterone, versus 19.9% for men not on testosterone. On average, the men who entered the study were about 60 years old and many had underlying heart disease.

What is a Stroke?

Strokes caused by blood clots are known as ischemic strokes. During a stroke, blood clots get trapped in the brain and cut off circulation. For every minute the brain is without oxygen, 2 million brain cells die. The effects of brain damage may involve minor weakness or severe paralysis, memory loss, speech problems, and death.

Symptoms of AndroGel Stroke

  • Drooping on one side of the face
  • Arms drift downward when raised
  • Speech is slurred or abnormal
  • Body numbness, tingling, weakness, or movement problems
  • Vision changes or loss of vision
  • Problems walking, balancing, or coordinating movement
  • Dizziness or severe headache
  • Confusion

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