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February 7, 2012 — Why has the company responsible for Propecia decided to suddenly pull content off its website? Perhaps because the company is facing an onslaught of Propecia lawsuits. The medication has been linked to increased risks of sexual dysfunction, prostate cancer, male breast cancer, and many other severe, life-threatening side effects.


If you visit the Propecia website, the page prominently reads: “Thank you for visiting propecia.com. This Web site is not currently available.” What does it mean?

The website still has links to prescribing information, product information, a link for enrolling in the Propecia Persistence Program, and a link to a refund request form. There is also a link to the FDA MedWatch website. The MedWatch website is for people who wish to self-report adverse events to the FDA. If you took Propecia and suffered an adverse event, you should submit your data to http://www.fda.gov/medwatch. The FDA collects this information to inform decisions about safety warning and recalls of products.

Propecia has been linked to numerous side effects. The FDA initially approved Propecia in 1997 to help men who suffered from male pattern baldness. The medication came in 1-mg doses, and helped men grow hair. Unfortunately, for many men, the benefits of hair growth came with severe consequences for their health.

Sexual side effects include permanent erectile dysfunction, greatly reduced libido, testicular pain, problems reaching orgasm. Propecia has also been shown to increase the risk of two life-threatening forms of cancer: high-grade prostate cancer, and breast cancer. One side effect of Propecia is a condition known as “gynecomastia,” which occurs when the male breast tissue grows too much.

Many critics are concerned that the FDA has not done enough to warn patients and their physicians about the potential side effects of Propecia. The FDA has already issued a safety warning regarding the link between Propecia and prostate cancer and persistent erectile dysfunction. The drug maker has also updated the safety labeling on the medication to include these warnings. However, some say that they are not doing enough — Propecia can also increase the risk of breast cancer and a wide range of sexual dysfunction.

In response to reports of sexual problems, Sweden and the United Kingdom have required that the drug maker adjust the safety labeling to include clearer warnings about the wide range of sexual problems that may occur with Propecia.

How Propecia might cause sexual problems is not well understood. Unfortunately, there is no effective treatment for men who suffer persistent erectile dysfunction. They may have a permanent impairment that causes psychological damage and severe problems for quality of life. Furthermore, Propecia can cause permanent changes to a person’s brain chemistry. What long-term effects this has is still unclear.

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