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February 27, 2012 — Two medical experts are now warning that Propecia sexual side effects may include persistent erectile dysfunction, clinical depression, breast cancer, aggressive prostate cancer, and more. New research has found that the active drugs in Propecia may make permanent changes to a man’s brain chemistry, leading to severe sexual dysfunction. Many of these men are now contacting a lawyer regarding a Propecia lawsuit.

Propecia is the brand-name of finasteride, a medication that was originally used in 5-mg doses to treat enlarged prostate. When doctors noticed that men taking finasteride tended to grow hair, the drug was re-introduced in 1-mg doses under the brand-name Propecia, and prescribed to treat male pattern baldness.

Although Propecia has been sold since 1997, it is only recently that medical experts have begun looking into Propecia sexual side effects. One of the first medical experts to become concerned about Propecia is Dr. Michael Irwig, a doctor at George Washington University’s School of Medicine and the Director of the University’s Center for Andrology, where Dr. Irwig studies male impotence and other male sexual disorders. When Dr. Irwig was contacted by several men who suffered Propecia sexual side effects, he did some investigation on the internet, and found an online support group. Before Dr. Irwig’s study, there had been very little research regarding the potential link between Propecia, finasteride, and sexual side effects.

Dr. Irwig recruited 71 men from the website. Around half of the men were located in countries outside the United States, including Australia and the United Kingdom. The men in Dr. Irwig’s study often suffered from multiple sexual disorders. 94% had low libido, 92% had erectile dysfunction and decreased arousal, and 69% had difficulty orgasming. Furthermore, the men reported that they suffered a two-thirds reduction in sexual activity.

After Dr. Irwig published the results of his research in Journal of Sexual Health, another doctor decided to take a look at the evidence linking Propecia to sexual side effects. Dr. Abdulmaged M. Traish, a doctor at Boston University School of Medicine, reviewed the existing scientific literature. Dr. Traish’s review found that side effects included erectile dysfunction, reduced ejaculation, and reduced semen volume. More troubling, these sexual side effects continued after men stopped taking the medication. Dr. Traish also published the results of his research in Journal of Sexual Health.

There are now two studies linking Propecia to sexual side effects, which may include erectile dysfunction that persists even after the medication is stopped, impotence, significantly reduced libido, testicular pain, trouble orgasming, decreased sensation, and gynocomasia (enlarged male breast tissue). There is no cure for many of these severe sexual side effects.

Even though these studies have found that Propecia may be linked to sexual side effects, many men may still be unaware that their hair-loss drug may be causing their sexual dysfunction. Furthermore, many men are concerned the Merck may have waited to update the safety labeling in the United States. Several years ago, health authorities in the United Kingdom and Sweden forced Merck to update the safety labeling to include risks of persistent erectile dysfunction. However, Merck waited until recently to make the same updates in the U.S. Furthermore, some are concerned that the safety warnings still do not include all of the sexual side effects that have been reported.

Even doctors may still be unaware that Propecia has been linked to some serious side effects. This is because the doctors who prescribe Propecia are typically dermatologists and general practitioners, while the doctors who generally treat Propecia sexual side effects are typically urologists and endocrinologists.

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