December 4, 2012 — A Florida woman has filed a lawsuit alleging that the Mirena IUD migrated from its original position, perforated her uterus, and required surgery to remove. The lawsuit was filed in the Superior Court of New Jersey against Bayer HealthCare, the manufacturer of Mirena. The lawsuit alleges that Bayer did not adequately warn about the risk of spontaneous migration, uterine perforation, and other injuries associated with Mirena.

The lawsuit was filed on behalf of Betsey Landers, who was implanted with Mirena in 2008. In July 2010, she reported feeling abdominal pain. Her doctors were unable to locate the strings that are normally used to remove Mirena. An ultrasound also failed to locate the device. She was ultimately forced to have surgery to remove the IUD in December 2010.

She is seeking damages for injuries, including perforation of her uterus, severe pain, emotional trauma, and other permanent complications.

Bayer is now facing at least 16 lawsuits from women who have suffered severe injuries after being implanted with Mirena. The company is currently seeking to centralize the litigation in a Multi-District Litigation (MDL), which would transfer the lawsuits into one centralized federal court. Bayer has indicated that they expect the number of cases to grow as more women seek justice for their injuries by contacting a Mirena lawyer.